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I have been reading this site for a week or so, and I have been taking in the advice I have been reading. I am 22, fairly new to working. I am 190, 6'1, and according to the online body fat calculators anywhere from 15-18%.

Before I started reading, I was doing some crazy split workouts for a few weeks, but they served their purpose and got me to the gym and taught me some stuff about working out. Currently my problem is based off of Chad Waterbury's Total Body Training.

Flat Bench
Hack Squats
Good Mornings
Seated Rows
Dumbell Shrugs
Barbell Curl

Then I do some ab work and sneak in a few pull ups.

The sets and reps depend on the day and go from 3x5 to 2x15.

I do that MWF and then I jog on TThS with Sunday completely off.

I started to take Whey Protein and Creatine after my workouts. However, I haven't hammered out a set diet yet, but that is my next project.

My goals are to lose body fat, get my weight to around 180, and just be in better shape. I have already seen some gains, but I am hoping getting this new program going will help a lot.

Here is a picture from tonight. All that just to just say hey so I can feel that I can take part here... Thanks.


Welcome to T-Nation.

No offense, but the picture wasn't necessary.


I really didn't think so either, but I had noticed other people had done it. I also thought that by posting it, if someone had any advice it would be easier to give, as they can see where exactly I am at...


I'm glad to hear you're making some progress! However, as much as other people like to do this, don't follow set routines. Make up your own just as soon as possible. Squats and deadlifts burn massive ammounts of calories.

Do a basic full body routine three-four times a week. Do stuff like squat, chinups, dips, rows, bench press, back extensions, shoulder press, and deadlifts (hopefully you can have someone show you in person how to perform one correctly, or watch videos).

Avoid most isolation excersizes, and do more compound lifts. Stretch after your workout and make sure you're eating the right foods of course!

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling:


And learn to listen to your body and make up your own mind about how you want to train based on what works for you.

You will hear Total body only vs Split routine only and Compound Only vs Isolation argued a lot around here.

None of these are exclusively right and you may miss on gains that can be made by utilising a combination of techniques if you are closed minded to the multitude of training variables that exist.


welcome man, use compound exercises only and visit your gym 3 times a week , u may see significant changes in your body by fixing your diet too!


Why would you make a blanket statement to someone to only use compound exercises?


Is this like, short change a new person day or something?

Most of these replies, bar Helga, have been utter crap.


Welcome to T-Nation.

And while I am not an expert in the least, I will tell you to read the archived information , because there is a huge amount of it.

Choose a path.

What would you like to be a year , 3 , 5 years from now.

Power lifter going for Squat, Deads and Bench, fine look up Dave tate.

Bodybuilder ? Fantastic take a look at in specific Chris Thibs newer stuff along with a lot of other great articles here by a lotta great trainers.

Sport specific? Defranco etc.

Just wanna gain some weight and feel better ? sweet.

Point is you have a world of choices , make a choice and move forward. Lots of great people here and lots of great ideas.

Importantly, though enjoy your self and the changes you will make to your life and body.


I didn't by any means mean to say it was the only effective way of training! Throwing in some isolation excersizes is great now and then.


Greetings and salutations.


Thanks for the welcome. I am not against split routines or anything, I just decided to try this specific routine for I think it is eight weeks. After that I will see where I am and go from there. I like being able to make up my own routine, but since I lack the experience to do so, I figured Chad's was the best, since it provided the basic structure but still allowed me to choose what I wanted. I will see how that works.

From what I have read and have been paying attention to with my own workouts, compounds seem to be the most important, but isolation exercises certainly have their place, especially if you are trying to work on a specific muscle.

I guess I can already see that I am going to be a middle of the road guy when it comes to these debates, unless something really works for me over another. Even then, I would say it has to do with that particular person, and while one things may work for one person, it might not for another. Like Helga said, I just need to be open minded and try things and see if they work.

Thanks for all the advice. I just need to learn how to pay attention to what my body is telling me and go from there. From the picture and the information I provided, would you think that I should maintain what my calorie intake should be to maintain my weight? I guess I am a little bit at a loss on this bulking, cutting, and maintaining stuff. What I didn't say in my intial post is that I am between a 34 and a 36 waist, I guess that is important too. Any advice there would be great, or any article to read through.