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New to T-Nation, Training for Football


Trying to gain weight. I'm keeping carbs and protein separate, so meals of protein/fat and meals of carb/fat. Gives me a great glycogen load for my workouts and doesn't make me feel sick from eating massive amounts of food. What do you think?


I have a grade 3 AC separation in my right shoulder. You can see the lack of symmetry.




I think you're lying. That's what I think.


Wheels etc. Follow the rules.


Great back double bi shot.
Looks like a female bb.

The front shots have killed it for me, though. ;.-(


Lying? haha, like these aren't my pics is what your saying? ok.. and my bad on the rules, didn't know there were any.

I'm 167 lbs in these pics, down from 180. i didnt really need to cut any, i just ended up really flat


I agree. Whenever people post pictures of themselves on the internet that were professionally taken, I become skeptical.

So how about your legs? Could you post some pictures where you aren't cropping out most of your body? It's kind of hard to give any useful critic when most of your body isn't even in the picture.


Yea, I mean who has a pro take pics just to put up here? Unless you do some kinda work where your physique is involved, I don't see why you would have these pics. Also, your training for football? If you were indeed smart and determined enough to reach that physique, you certainly know how to train for football.

I rate a 2/10 for troll job. I've seen worst, but I've seen many more focused and determined trolls that put a lot of effort into their trolling. You suck on many levels.


dang dnlcdstn. i have pro pics because i have friends in photography, do you?

I'll add more pics to prove this, but I'd better study the rules...phone pics are unacceptable in many peoples opinion...and yes, I know a thing or to about training for sports.. should i post all my pr's for powerlifting? oh wait, this is a bodybuilding website soo who cares about that.. besides, you'd say i was a lyer if i told you i bench 315, squat 405, dead 460, clean 275, push press 225...

Lastly, did anyone care to read the diet caption and respond to it?


With the build in the avatar I can tell your squat/dead numbers are off. You'd be pulling more than that. Also, a 315 bench doesn't match a 225 push press. And lastly, you're not a powerlifter.

It's Saturday. Good watch cartoons and have your mom make pancakes you little troll you.


No, i'd say you was a LIAR.


Holy moley!
I don't think there's anything about this that screams 'troll.' There are at least a dozen other guys on here with professional pictures. The numbers sound completely legit for the build. To the guy who said a bench press of 315 doesn't correspond to a 225 push press: umm... what? That's almost exactly the same as my numbers on those two lifts, it isn't unreasonable AT ALL. Push press numbers have a ton of variation, due to form, and how much an individual actually uses his legs/ acceleration in the movement. As to your diet: I haven't heard much about combining fats and carbs, I've always heard fats with protein or carbs with protein. What's the reasoning behind it? Also, what position do you play, and at what level? (college, pro, arena, flag, canadian...?)


Powerlifting is a type of training for strength, never said I was a powerlifter. Should I also tell you the other lifts are olympic lifts, also useful when attempting to increase power for sports...and no, i am not an olypmic lifter...

Flipcollar! Finally... I play corner at ~180lbs semi pros(the nobody's, haha)... I starting separating carbs and protein because when i eat both i dont feel like i absorb either very well. I feel like i'm a bit more ectomorphic and some studies say we have shorter smaller intestines..? Hense, less nutrient absorbtion. By separating them and then adding some healthy fats and greens to alkalyze, i feel like i get better muscle glycogen storage from the carb meals and I dont feel bogged down after high protein meals. Its not for everyone obviously, due to different body types.


post more pics.

post videos of your claimed lifts.

that will shut people up. take a camera phone pic... no one cares. thats the easiest way to settle this.

You say you play semi pro? How old are you? You're writing style comes across like a 16 year old. not trying to be a dick i'm just saying.


Looks like a men's health physique, not a bodybuilding physique.


Are you on the creatine dude?


Tanko, ur physique is quite good but your not offering enough to satisfy T-Nation Forums. Your piks although cool, can be quite decieving as to where your really at.

It would help if you posted ur hieght along with your weight so people can tell how big you really are in your piks. A guy 6ft tall at 167 is not really that far along in bodybuilding yet. A guy whos saaaay 5'7 and shredded at 167 is moving along well.

Either way those weight numbers will always earn a "gain some size" across these forums, which is my 2 cents btw. With a nice balanced shredded physique, just keep on moving up cause ur doin good.

Cant forget the leg shots either, everyone wants to make sure your not just another upper body boy
It just seems like in these piks ur have narrow hips which gives an impression of small legs, but if you do squat 405 im sure theres some good developement in there. Usually someone who has good developement such as in these piks are performing their lifts at least somewhat correctly so i find it unlikely that ur lifts are BS.

Just post ur lower body and height and it should make things easier for everyone.

Interesting diet stuff you posted there. I guess the real question is not what we think, but is it working? Generally carbs and fat alone in 1 meal is not ideal hormonally. Protein and fat alone is a recipe for a no insulin spike meal, which is good sometimes. If your always cutting one macronutrient out of your meals, you should be aware that ur probably cutting 1/3 of your calories out per meal, so are you compensating for that in some way?


a bench press has no relation to a push press....push press utilizes shoulders and total body power, whereas bench is chest, triceps, and lats...stop trying to sound intelligent because it's not working aha


Hush your mouth, retard.