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New to T-Nation, Some Questions

Hey, I’m new to T-Nation forums. I’ve been reading articles for months but I decided to register for the forum.

I’ve been on a diet to lose fat for a few months and lost around 40-50 pounds. But I need about 10-20 more at most to lose and my normal diet doesn’t work. I’ve decided to try to Velocity Diet. How does this look?

I weigh 180 pounds with around 15% BF.

5 Shakes with 1 Cup of Fat-Free Milk with 1 Scoop of Whey except Breakfast and Post-Workout which is 2 Scoops
And right before bed I have 5 eggs because I don’t have any other fat sources.

Comes out to 1400-1500 calories 30-35 grams of fats, 90-100 grams of carbs, and 205 grams of protein

I do 3 day MWF split and cardio on the off days which is jogging and on workout days walking in the mornings.

I think that is a bad idea. First to help everyone you will need to post what your diet is now along with maybe some more information about your weight training. The Velocity Diet is not for you at this point, you need to work on building muscle mass to help burn off more of that body fat later.

I am 5’8 around 180-185 lbs am not as nearly muscular as I would like to be. That same weight with a higher bodyfat percentage means you are carrying little muscle mass and would rather frail at around 160.

Also, the V-diet is to be done exactly how Chris outlined it or else you could suffer horribley. A whey shake with some fat free milk will not keep you satiated for more than an hour. At 1500 calories you will be pratically starving yourself.

At 6’ and 190 lbs, I am a pretty thin guy. I don’t think you should be cutting any more weight, even if it is fat. Hit the weights and put on some muscle – the fat may take care of itself by virtue of the added muscle (increased resting metabolic rate).

My girlfriend has wanted to lose weight for a while, and I recently convinced her to stop with all the ‘starve yourself’ diets and long cardio sessions, and to hit the weights instead (ie: squats, deadlifts). Not surprisingly, her metabolism went through the roof in the first month and her pants started fitting looser.

Hopefully there will be some constructive posts coming up instead of just one line flames about eating more or being skinny.

the reason why you’ve ‘hit the wall’ dieting is that your body has adjusted to the limited caloric intake by lowering your metabolic needs. In otherwords, you lack the MUSCLE to loose more weight beyond where you are now unless you want to go on death camp rations. I’m sure my response will be repeated by nearly everyother t-nationer.

HIT THE WEIGHTS. Beginners can still loose fat and increase muscle mass due to the massive hormonal changes from going off a hard diet with limited training to a solid T-Nation style diet with a heavy dose of iron.


first of all, that’s not the velocity diet, it’s remotely close because you’re downing 5-7 protein shakes a day, but jeeze dukes, it’s not the same. You’re not taking in nearly the amount of Omega 3 fats like Velo-D folks do, and you’re probably gonna shrivel up into a little raisin.

second, you need to increase your metabolism. You weigh 180 pounds and you’re at a metabolic WALL eating a measly little 1500 kcals?

You need to fix your metabolism.

You also need to eat more, it’s not as simple as energy in < energy out to lose weight.

Why don’t you just start on T-Dawg 2.0, or one of the other one bajillion diets for fat loss on here?

One of the incredible things that people don’t fucking realize is that it takes a lot of time to succesfully transform one’s physique, and everyone wants to think their so goddamn special and just transform it in a period of 2-4 weeks. it’s not that easy guys, it’s just not that easy.

Stick with something else, or actually do the Velocity Diet as it’s laid out, not your little half assed attempt. Personally, I don’t like that diet, I think it’s a little extreme and forgets some important things (where’s the fucking veggies and fruit!)

anyways, good luck brosef.