New to T-Nation, Ran Away From

Normally I wouldn’t say hello in the beginners forum, but I didn’t know where this was supposed to go. I also figured that would get me more clicks than the normal “PLEZ HALP ME WIF MAH RUTEEN”.

Age: 17 (Will be 18 the day I end up starting it)
Height: 5’7" :frowning:
Weight: 160ish (I haven’t weighed myself in a month)
BF: 20% (Gives me 130lbs of lean mass, pathetic I know, but I’m working on it)
Experience: 4 months of dicking around with a flex mag routine (which could pretty much be considered on par with 2 hours of dildo insertions 3 times a week)

In about 2 weeks I’ll be switching to a 5x5-ish program and I had a few questions. If my only goal is to increase strength with no care about growing mass, does this seem like a good program? I know to do 5x5 on Squats and deads and such, but the aux lifts were a little bit of a mystery to me.

Would this seem decent?

Monday: Back/Chest/Forearms (9 Exercises)

Deadlifts 5x5
Bent Over BB Row 5x5
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown (Eventually to Chin-Ups) 3x8
One Arm DB Row 3x8

Flat BB Bench Press 5x5
Incline BB Bench Press 5x5
Flat Bench DB Flys 3x8

Behind the back BB Wrist Curls 3x8
Reverse Curls 3x8

Tuesday: Off w/ 45 minutes Cardio

Wednesday: Legs/Abs/Spinal Erectors (9 Exercises)

Full BB Squats 5x5
BB Lunges 5x5
Lying Leg Curl 3x8
Standing BB Calf Raise 3x8
Seated BB Calf Raise 3x8

Hanging Leg Raise 3x20
Cable Crunch 3x8
Supine Crunches 3x20
Hyperextensions 3x20

Thursday: Off w/ 45 Minutes Cardio

Friday: Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps/Traps (10 Exercises)

Seated BB Overhead Press 5x5
Side Lateral Raises 3x8
Bent-over Flys 3x8

BB Shrugs 5x5

BB Bicep Curl 5x5
DB Pinwheel Curl 3x8
BB Preacher Curl 3x8

Close Grip bench Press 5x5
Dips 3x8
Cable Pushdowns 3x8

Saturday: Off w/ 45 Minutes Cardio

Sunday: Off w/ 45 Minutes Cardio

How does that look to you? Maybe add something for my Rotator Cuffs?

I definitely want more back work than I do chest. Apart from the fact that my humerus is rotated slightly inward and I want to correct it, and the fact that I absolutely HATE working my chest.

I’m kind of also wondering what I should do in the way of nutrition. Honestly, I just got into BBing to lose my tits, but I seem to be kind of stuck in a crossroads as to what I want to do. I know that I’d look pretty great at around 147-150 (about a 12%BF). But I can’t ever really find a program that I like that will help me achieve these goals.

A friend of mine said that this program would be alright to do on a slow cut (200-400kcals a day), where I would gain strength (but nowhere near what I could accomplish otherwise), lose a small amount of mass and still lose fat. If I do decide to cut completely, how much muscle can I expect to lose? I guess clean bulking is really the only that you guys are going to suggest but I had some other questions if somebody would mind answering them in a PM or something.

I hope some of that made sense to you guys. Sorry if this wasn’t the right section, please don’t rape me.

Read the stickies at the top of the forum.

Pick a goal and a program and stick with it until completed. If you change goals and programs too often you’ll probably just end up spinning your wheels and making no progress.

If you’re going to go with 3 sessions per week use a fullbody program.

Be patient. A killer body isn’t something that happens overnight. For most people it takes years of consitent effort to achieve.

Ugh, that’s an ugly routine.

I’m completely against grouping back+chest, and separating biceps and triceps.

Not to mention a mere 3 day per week routine.

I would say that 9 exercises per day when doing a 3 x week prog is a bit high. I’m not saying it can’t be done or that it wouldn’t work for some people, but personally I would do either:

3 x week Fullbody


4-5 x week Bodypart split

That way you will be able to do less exes per session (4-6) and therefore put more into them. You will find when training hard that there is an ‘optimal’ amount of work that can be done in a session before it becomes counter-productive.

If you’re not sure about designing your prog, then choose one of the ready made ones on this site, look in the Authors section or use the Search (i.e. Waterbury - good for fullbody, Thibaudeau - good for splits).

Then if you come back with good questions, you’ll get good answers.

Why not start with a program like ABBH I and II (from Waterbury) and move from there? If youre 5’7" and only 17, you can easily add 20 pounds of LBM to your frame and look good and get much stronger.
I think total-body, push-pull etc are good for building a base and then you can move to bodypart splits from that point on.