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New to T-Nation, Need a Plan

hi,i have been training for two months to get abs and a lean muscular body,my waist has reduced from 32 inches to 29inches but abs are still not visible,size of my muscles has also dropped but i want to gain muscles along with abs,i don’t take any supplement,please suggest me a supplement or a diet plan

if you weigh 200 lbs get around 300grams of protein a day. so 1.5*(body weight in pounds) of protein a day, drink lots of water, eat around 500calories under what you need a day. dont eat/drink any sugar except in your post workout drink, or just dont at all and get some protein whey for your post workout drink. eat some complex carbs(brown rice) an hour or so after your workout. 2-3 fruits a day. plenty of veggies.

abs are usually visible at around 10% body fat percentage, so the inches dont really say much.

and last, do full body workouts. you’ll see your abs faster than by doing 500 crunches a day

Since your post is titled “new to T-Nation” I suggest the sticky thread by the same name at the top of the beginners forum. Also read the “Are you a beginner” thread. THEN, get back to us with specific questions.

thanks lordstorm88

sorry Kruiser,actually it was my first time

i’hv calculated my body fat percentage and it’s 8%

body fat measurement isnt always accurate, but anyway if it is, eat more. if you were in a calorie deficit stop it and go for a surplus again of around 500 calories.

read the newbie threads like kruiser said

thanks,i’hv read the newbies thread