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New to T-Nation. Love to Lift...


Hi everyone! I'm Brittany and I'm 24. I started lifting about 5 years ago (along with cardio). And I lost about 50 lbs. I was ripped but undereating. Anyhow, i gained back most of the weight I lost because of starting a new point in my life and becoming stressed. About 6 or so weeks ago I started to get serious with my training and diet. I want to get down to around 135 but at the same time I want to PR my deadlifts and squats... Which I know those goals don't exactly align with one another (priority is to lose the wright though because the rate at it which I gained it is unhealthy). Any advice or tips?

My current split is: Shoulders, back and bi's, chest and tris, circuit training, shoulders again, leg day (cardio, mostly HIIT, on most of those days). I've attached pictures below for reference (be kind. Lol). Any help will be appreciated.


And some older pictures of myself



  1. Nothing wrong with keeping a log here, but if you have specific questions you may want to post in the Beginners forum, which seems to get more traffic than most of the subsections.

Speaking of which…

  1. If you are seeking advice, more detail will be needed. Not just your “split” but the specifics - what exercises, sets/reps, any notes on how you perform them, etc.

  2. For weight loss, diet will be more important than specifics of training. If you can share a bit about your strategy here, some very wise folks will be able to give you specific advice.

Good luck!


Thank you!! I’ll post there:)
And I did mean to post the specifics but I was afraid it’d be to boring and long and people would read over it.
Happy Saturday!