New to T-Nation- Looking for 3x a Week Routine

Hi All,
Although I have been lifting for over 20 years, the last 5 had been tough with the birth of children and new job. I was getting some serious fat, so in March I joined Precision Nutrition and started doing Turbulence training.

I am now looking to shake it up a little, with the constraints that I can only lift 3x a week MWF(for at least the next 2 years). I can “sometimes” lift on thursdays, but I would not plan a program against it

March pics and current enclosed. I am 37 years old, 6 3", and was at 220. I am now at 210, and have been doing Berardi’s get shredded to get rid of that baby bump around the waist

and the current pic

Nice progress, so far!

Three days a week aren’t that much, but it’s better than nothing.

From your post, I couldn’t understand what are your goals…if fat loss is your main concern, I’d suggest you give a look at those “Metabolic pairings” from Tibaudeau or some Barbell Complexes from Dan John (use search function or browse the article archives).

If you’re looking for strength/mass gains, you can start from the WestSide For Skinny Bastards program (don’t get fooled by the name, it works also for “not so skinny” bastards :). You’ve better searching for the version #3, on, and skip the Dynamic Effort Lower Body Day (don’t be scared by the fancy names, it’s a sound program!).

From looking at your current pic I would assume you want to get bigger? But I could be wrong.

Thanks Everyone-
Its a mixed bag- for the next month or so, I really want to get rid of the pinch around my belly button. I reduced my calories and water has been dropping away. I have found that hypocaloric diets work best for me when I have short sets of high volume.
Starting in September I will start putting some more pounds on. I have been there- have been a meaty 240 getting ready for lacrosse,so I really wanted to have a lean look for the summer, and then start going for “jacke”, now that I am eating clean, and will have a non-fatty base to work off of.

Does that make sense?

yeah- 3 a week sucks. Saturdays are more muscle intensive than any workout, as I do a shit ton of landscaping and cement moving as I work on my yard. Also trucking 50 pound toddlers around :wink:

just read the skinny bastard routine #3 - this looks perfect!

[quote]jrkoosh wrote:
just read the skinny bastard routine #3 - this looks perfect![/quote]

I wouldn’t recomend this ws4sb routine because it is a 4 day a week program and is geared more towards athletes.