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New to T-Nation: Getting Back in Gear


Howdy all.... new to the Nation.

Was wondering if anyone else had issues with the links in the stickies. Would love to be able to read them but the links inside keep coming up with the 504 errors.

Just started getting my arse back in to gear after many tries and quits. Not sure what happened this time but I am getting almost OCD about lifting. Wake up and can't wait for the 11 hour work day to end so I can hit the gym. Found this site by accident. Was looking for some info on other random forums just to find the ego's were getting more work then their arms.

Ugh.... oh yea can I find a mobile version for my phone? Being a mechanic I tend to have a couple times where its dead. Instead of mindlessly waiting for another customer I would like to read the wealth of info from here. I can get it on my phone but the vids aren't "optimal" ...lol... translation, your are watching it in slide show mode.


I don't know about a mobile version, but as long as you can read, you should be fine. There are wayyyy more articles than there are videos.