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New to T Nation. Critique My Workouts?

Hi folks,

I am brand new to this site and thought I’d start by hitting people up for some advice about my workouts. I am 5’6 and went from 135lbs to about 150 lbs in the last year, but am not gaining more despite working out 3x/week. I’d like to hit 160lbs and look bigger. I think I am not eating enough, but I also want to make sure I am spending my time right at the gym. So here goes…and please send any suggestions, I am not defensive! (Encouragement is allowed too :))

I do a 3-workout split: repetition day, max upper, and max lower (usually in that order). All in one week. I usually have an Isopure (40g or protein) after every workout. I eat three big meals a day but honestly have trouble with more than that so have protein shakes when I think of it. I have a very intense job and also travel a lot for work which interrupts my routine.

Below are my workouts (courtesy of my awesome trainer who I don’t see much anymore but gave me these).

Talk to me!


Repetition day:
Band pull aparts 2x12
Pull up assisted with band 3x15
Dumbbell floor press 3x15 @ 40 lbs
Lat pulldowns or chest-supported rows (machine) - 2x1min @ 45lbs
Dips (push up) body weight 3x6-8

Max upper day
Cat/cow 3 mins
Banded overhead extensions 2x10
Pushups explosive 2x6
Bench press bar/95/115/135/155 (5 reps of each)
Landmine rows 4x10 @50
Reverse flies (machine) 4x12 @90
Barbell shrugs 4x10@115
Rope curls 3x15@25
Tricep rope extension 3x15@22.5
Barbell curls 3x10@45 (bar weight)
Pushups 3x15

Max lower day
Foam roll (warm up)
Cat/cow 1min
Bodyweight squat holds 2x10
Goblet squats 1x20@70
Trapbar deadlifts - 1x5@225, 1x4@245, 1x3@265
Back extensions 2x12@BW
Leg extensions 2x12@50
Leg curls 2x12@70
Reverse lunge 2x12@BW
Farmers walks 2x1min@40 dumbbells

is there progression?

Sounds like you have hit a plateau. You pretty much answered one of your issues. Your not eating enough. It’s also hard to eat enough with only 3 meals. Probably will need 4 minimum, preferably 5/6.
As far as your workouts. You have gained newby muscle with what you have been doing but I would drop some of the repetition work and just focus on heavier compound movement like squatting twice a week.

@cohentwin are you a female? I only ask because your routine looks like me something a trainer would write up for a woman looking to ‘tone’ up her body.

I find it more difficult than most to put on weight, and I also work a physical job. Therefore when I’m in the gym I try to burn as little energy on ‘fluff’ exercises as I can, and instead focus on big full body movements that stimulate most of my body in one go.

Have you tried full body, compound lift centered routines before?

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Do this, -similar but much more effective…

You are right.

Solve this problem first.

I am male. Have never tried full body compound lift centered routines before…can I find one on here? Thanks!

Thanks - this looks doable…

Thanks magnumd. I have never been able to figure out the practicalities of 4-6 meals/day…but it’s time I did. Will experiment with more heavy compound lifting as well.


read through the articles. better source of info, specifically training programs, than the forums are…

Start putting a can/bag of mixed nuts or trail mix in your car and snacking while you drive. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches can pack a lot of calories without being filling. I put PB on both slices of bread and my sandwiches are over 500 calories and go down fast.

Your routine isn’t wrong but it looks like it’s been written by a trainer in his/her first three years of training. There are simpler and more efficient programs out there. New trainers get confused by their peers and start to major in the minors because they’re learning new and exciting things. The reality is that the age old basics work best for everyone.

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Am I the only one who thought what he’s doing looks a helluva lot of Westside for Skinny Bastards? Maybe that could be a good move from here: