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New to T-Nation, Any Tips?


I am a 28yr old male, 6'5" and weigh 270lbs...I was in the Marines and in awesome shape(260lbs 11%bodyfat)...Well I got married and had kids and just went to hell...

I've started back in the gym and changed my diet. 20% fats..30%complex carbs..50%protein..My fats are flaxseed or olive oil for the most part. Although I don't think I'm getting enouph cal. I know it needs to be close to 3000cal approx. I went from 290lbs to 270lbs in 3months doing this but I think I am stuck. I weight train heavy 5days and do HIIT 3 days a week after my weight training..Rest 2 days.

Please any suggestions on diet and exercise routine. Ive been reading through these fourms and It's so much. So Im asking the Pros. I'll post picks later..


search for a thread by vroom titled "are you a beginner?"


Rifle, just exactly what are your goals? You seem to be working out like a man possessed, and your eating well, and you said two days rest, so do you want to lose more weight?, or just add more lean muscle? You should remember one thing, and that is you are probably older now than when you were in the Marines, so the metabolism may be a bit slower, and maybe you need a third day of rest, just a couple of thoughts.


I just want to drop bodyfat. I know I will never get freaky big, I just don't have the time or money to put into it. Ive had a nice sixer at one time I just want it back, lol. I just want to look good for my wife, myself and I just found out I'm having a baby boy so I don't want to be such a lard ass, I can't play sports with him. Does to much caffine have anything to do with fat loss.


I dont think so , but if anything it would increase it, my next question would be, when and what is your last meal?, and do you drink enough water, its essential if your trying to lean out.


Come on guys, I see people are looking. I know you guys know your $hit. Helppppp


I had some chicken brest with whole grain rice and a low fat yogart..I drink a gallon a day of water..Ive been reading alot on this HOT-ROX. would that help more the a eca stack?


HOT-ROX seems to work out well for a lot of people, for sure. Personally, I think you would do well to read some of Lonnie Lowery's Temporal Nutrition articles for some ideas on getting leaner:



Thanks that was a very infomative read!!The VAST amounts od knowledge is AWSOME.


Do a search for the T-Dawg Diet Version 2.0 on this site. I personally went from 197 to 165 lbs on that diet in 10 weeks despite not doing things 100 percent all the time - a great plan for getting the fat off quickly

A couple of other articles to consider ...

A long-term plan from Shugs:

An extreme short-term plan from Shugs, that many guys on here have had great results with:

Good luck bro!


Yeah, I have read those and I printed them out already...Awesome!! Thanks for the reply.