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New to T Nation and Weights


Hi everyone! I am new to this site and weights so I am posting this in hopes for some help! I am 5'8" and 246 lbs...I am a big girl and I am ready to get rid of the weight! I am willing to do whatever it takes to lose at least 80 lbs!

Do anyone have suggestions on how I can begin this journey? I have read so many books and so many articles and honestly I have no idea what is best for me.


Don't get bogged down in reading and trying to do things perfectly, just go to the gym and exercise.
Through trial and error you will find what works for you.

Similarly,you don't need the perfect diet to start, just take steps to make your diet better as you go.

Also, you may want to post a hello in the "Powerful Women" thread and ask them questions as well.

Here is a link to get you on your way:


Thank you so much!


How would we know what's best for you with that info?
What are you eating?
What have you tried?
In the absence of any better info you need to trash all food in your house and then restock with meat and green vegetables.


For a good start look at Tim Henriques article 'get ripped, get walking'




Im theBird. Welcome to T-Nation. You need to start on a beginners program. Dont be scared of lifting heavy weights. Alot of girls think that it will turn them into a monster, but it doesnt.



Howdy, and welcome to the site.

If you're looking to lose that much weight, start off with small steps, but be consistent.

For nutrition, I think this is a great step-by-step article:

For training, really almost any program that has you lifting weights three or four days a week and doing cardio two or three times a week would be a great start.

Do you have any kind of experience with exercise - in college, previous attempts to lose weight, etc.?


Don't get hit with trying to have everything 100% before you do something.

The old 90/10 rule. Do it right 90% of the time and the other 10% is just cream if you can manage it.

Choose a program, a diet and get cracking. Don't try and change them, a lot of people have put blood sweat and tears into programs and diets so that they work, so we don't need to over think them anymore!

Good luck on your journey.