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New to T-Nation, 5 Year Transformation: 145 - 215 Pounds

I am new to T-Nation and was wanting to introduce myself and get some input on my progress and how to keep progressing. I was 145lbs in 2012 and started lifting somewhat consistently with a few breaks in between. Now im at 215 and wanting to get up to 230lbs with at least 10 to 15% bf.

Great work. Looks like even your face filled out a bit too.

When you reach 235 you can look forward to the nickname “monster”.

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Thank you biker. I appreciate it. :grinning:

nice transformation bro! Props

Major work, man. That last pic looks like you put about 15 pounds just on your traps, geez.

What’ve you been doing so far, for nutrition and training, that’s gotten you here?

We can’t really suggest something else to do if we don’t know what you’ve been doing.

You look to be in the 20+% bodyfat range. To gain 15 lbs and get considerably leaner is a lofty goal, though potentially obtainable. I don’t know whether or not you’re “natural” (using steroids), but 230 lbs at a real 10% body fat is A MONSTEROUS human.

What are your current stats?

Current training layout?

Current food intake?