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New to T-Mag

Just wanted to get some feedback from those of you that have been on here for awhile. I have been recently exposed to T-Mag from a buddy of mine, and I must say after reading M&F for years, I appreciate the honest views on muscle building. Anyway, I have been trying to train for the last couple of years and haven’t had great success. I am now 25, not real happy with my physique, just got on my career job as a firefighter, and want to get back into shape. Any suggestions on where to start with my training and diet? Training split, etc. Thanks in advance.

If you’re new to T-mag, the best place for you start is the FAQ page (look for the link on the home page).

Depending on how mch time you have, you could also start to read the previous issues. At least look at the past few months.

And frequent the forums.

In a week, I’ll bet you’ll learn more than all those years reading M&F!

You’re in the right place, now it’s time to “empty your cup” and do some research. The previous issues area is a gold mine.

Check out the beginner’s blast off program for a good solid weight regimen. (I know you’re not really a “beginner”, but still.) As for diet, we can’t give you any advice without a lot more information to work with. As a start, we need:


of cals consumed per day (average)

what sort of program you’re doing at the moment
and most importantly, your GOAL.

If you don’t know some of these figures, then my advice is to get yourself a calorie counter book and start a diet log (which you can find in the archives), 'cause you’re not going to get very far without knowing them. Keep track for two weeks and then post back with your results.

Good luck!


Check out FAQ for some good articles, etc. You didn’t really say your current stats (body fat%, weight, height, etc) so it’s very hard for people to give you advice.

You may also want to be very specific about your goals, such as “I want to lose 10 lbs of fat in 3 months” or something like that.

Welcome Fire1,
great to have you aboard. As stated previously, your best bet is to start on the FAQ section. As for getting you started on training and diet…we will need more specific stats from you. Being that you are a firefighter, I’m willing to bet that you are already in pretty good shape. Regardless, give us some info and we will be more than happy to help. See ya…Tony G

Welcome Fire1!!

This place is utterly amazing. I know it’s made a massive difference for me. Between the magazine and the forums there is just so much knowledge available here. In fact, after I discovered this place and started reading the back issues, my main problem was information overload. Good luck coping!

Information overload can be a problem, but definitely look into previous issues and so forth. You’ll get on the right track.

Welcome, pretty liberating, isn’t it?


Check out some of the info. on General physical preparedness (GPP)from guys like coach Davies and such. This is the kind of work that will simulate your job more than anything else. As a fellow firefighter I believe this to be true through experience. In addition, any of the programs on this site will be of value. Good luck in your career and in your strength training goals.