New to T Injections!

Hello, I am new to this site and to testosterone as a whole. I need some assistance and hope to find it here. I am 34, 5’9" and 265lbs. I work out 6 days a week for 2 hrs and eat pretty good and I still cannot get down to 200-220lbs. Low sugar and carbs and high protein. So about a yr ago my dr did a testosterone test and found out I was low. She prescribed a roll on gel under the arm pits. I used it for about 3 months and lost my insurance and quit.

Well a yr later here I am and I feel like crap, can’t lose weight and I went to the Dr again. Again the testosterone is low so she is prescribing an injectable testosterone instead. Thing is I’m a rookie, have no idea the concept of testosterone injectables and I think I have man boobs. #1-could I post a pic here and someone tell me if it is man boobs or just being fat? #2- Dr put me on a prescription weight loss Pill (Adipex i think) and will this interfere with testosterone injections, and #3- will this testosterone injectable cause me to have larger breasts/ chest?

I spoke to Dr about an anti estrogen med and she said " I don’t buy into that philosophy"…OPINIONS PLEASE!!! My blood work came back at 3/100th low at 8.5…whatever that means. My goals are to lose weight, lose chest and love handles, stop feeling down all the time and sluggish as well. As a side note I do not want my balls to shrivel up, or have acne or loss of hair. What should I take or do along with testosterone to off set any of these issues? Thanks in advance…As a side note, no I do not have any swelling, hardness or anything like that in or on my chest area…

Read the advice for new guys sticky and be open minded to the side issues that can cause low-T. Low T is not the condition, it is the symptom. Describe your iodine intake and post your body temps. You can refer to ‘thyroid basics’ sticky.

Read the protocol for injections sticky.

That reading is the best thing that you can do right now. It will take a while to understand.

Post your labs with ranges. We need more than T, Post all.

Where in MO?

But how much are you eating?

All I have are the T results. The dr didn’t hand me the results. Can I go somewhere and just have labs done for myself? All bloodwork came back neg for thyroid, diabetes or anything else wrong. I don’t eat alot of salt if any. My diet consists of a bowl of cereal or oatmeal or protein shake for breakfast.

Protein shake or veg soup or a turkey sandwich or something light for lunch. Dinner might be chicken, veggies or something like that. In between that I eat yogurt or a granola bar or sometimes I have a protein shake for dinner. I only have 1 protein shake a day though as a meal replacement. Since I work out at 6 every morning I do have one right after so I guess 2 a day. Here is the protocol a dr online gave me.

10 Week Testosterone Program Protocol
.Testosterone Cypionate (1) 200mg/ml vial (10 ml vial)
Protocol: One injection of 200mg / 1ml weekly IM (Intramuscular)
.Anastrazole (20) 0.05MG capsules
Protocol: Take 1 capsule By Mouth Twice Weekly Day 1 and Day 2 After Testosterone injection
.HCG (1) 11,000 unit vial
Protocol: One injection of 500 units (25 U on Insulin Syringe) Twice Weekly Sub Q
.MIC Complex 0.5 cc - (1) 30 ml vial
Protocol: One Injection of 0.5 ml Twice Weekly Sub Q

Post Treatment Starts 2 weeks after your last testosterone injection

.HCG (1) 11,000 unit vial
Protocol: One injection of 1,000 units(50 U on Insulin Syringe) Sub Q Daily for 10 days
.Clomiphene Citrate (30) 51mg capsules
Protocol: One capsule by mouth Twice Daily for 15 days

Is this a good program?

workout 3xweek wholebody based around 20rep breathing squats(dr ken lister style) drop all starches, protien plus vegies,results based on efforts, do this consitantly for a year, log journy and results
try somthing like this, with all respect,this might help more than gear