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New to T-Dawg

I’m going to start the T-dawg diet and I have a couple questions. I play basketball at least once a week(non training days) and I usually play a majority of the game(2-20min. halves). Do you think I should consume a post-workout shake after these games or only have them after a weightlifting session(3-4 X/week)? Also, does anybody have any suggestions on how to consume that much fat? I know I can mix flax oil in my shakes, but I’d hate to have to consume Tbl. spoonfuls full of the stuff. And lastly, does anybody who has taken the diet have any recommendations on ways to improve it? Calorie adjustments, etc. I’m mostly concerned with dropping bodyfat and maintaining muscle & strength.

Drink the shake after the basketball, especially if it is a significant energy expenditure. As for suggestions/improvements, Shugart has upped the carbs to 100 on training days and 70 on non-training days. Protein up to 1g per lb body weight. Eat lots of nuts, natural peanut butter, free range beef and buffalo, salmon and use lots of olive oil on salads. That should help you get your fat content up. Nuts are great, just watch the carbs in them. Avocadoes could also help do the trick. BTW, if you mix flax oil with Chocolate Advanced Protein and natural peanut butter, you can use as much as you want and you won’t really even taste it.

Thanks for the suggestions.

You’re welcome and good luck!