New to T Cyp, Failed with AndroGel, Labs Today

Hoping I can get some help with labs, changed from AndroGel to T Cyp. I take 100mg/wk, split into 3 doses. I also take 88mcg of T4 at bed, and 10mcg of T3 upon awakening. In addition to Hypothyroidism and Low T,( 302 prior, dropped to 196 after 6 weeks of AndroGel,) also have IBS and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and hypertension (untreated still).

So, I’ve been on T Cyp about 6 weeks, have a month until MD appointment to review and draw labs. Wondered how it was going, so did my own tests yesterday.
TSH 3.98 0.45-4.5
Total T4 7.3 4.5 -12
free T4 1.22 0.82 - 1.77
Total T3 93 71 - 180
free T3 2.8 2 - 4.4

DHEA sulfate 198.2 48.9 - 344.2
LH 0.1 1.7 - 8.6
FSH 0.3 1.5 - 12.4
Serum Iron 84 40 - 155
Ferretin 57 30 - 400

E2 <6 7.6 - 42.6
total Test 572 348 - 1197

The TSH was fairly low prior to starting T, and the E2 was also only 15 last check. I started T Cyp and used liquid Arimidex 2 drops every day, (36 drops = 1 ml). The DHEA (and Pregnenolone) dropped off the charts on AndroGel labs. I got a cheaper package of PrivateMD Labs, so I got the LH and FSH with it anyway.

I will of course stop the Arimidex intermediately. I currently take 50mg of DHEA 4x week, should I take daily 100mg for a few weeks to push E2 up? I also have DHEA and Pregnenolone cream, should that be part of the way to increase E2. Take Lugols 25mg daily, with vitamin C, selenium, zinc, and sea salt water. Where should I go with the Iron/Ferretin results?

I still have morning wood, although no libido improvement yet. Thanks to all for reading this, any further questions, please let me know, and I will include more, and thanks for the help in advance.