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New to Surge Workout Fuel....

I know you’re supposed to take it right before you workout (and even during), but when should I consume my Whey Protein pre-workout? 30 minutes before Surge Workout Fuel? 30 minutes after Surge Workout Fuel? Or can it be done simultaneously and not affect the lactic acid buffers in the Surge Workout Fuel ect…? Thoughts? Opinions? What did Biotest recommend when it came out years ago?

have you considered using MAG-10 with it instead?

Biotest recommended it to be taken with MAG-10

that being said, i think you’re over thinking this… anywhere from 60 mins pre to right before would be fine depending on what you’re eating before/after

edit: a study i’ve seen showed aminos from whey peaked at the 40-45 minute mark (empty stomach)

what about fuel pre-work out like 15 mins before taking in some real bcaa(branch chain amino acids) durring your workout to help muscle growth. its best to keep muscles fed during your workout!!