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New to Supps


I am new to the suplemt I have done several cycles of gear and love what i got from it. I am thinkg of coming over to sups though. just not sure what is worth the money and what is a waist. any info would is welcom


U have done gear and now want to join the dark-side and do 'supps'?! LOL Right that's enough time i've wastes on this thread.


yes my new job test 3time a year and one is for every thing. I am not willing to put my job on the line. so if any one knows of any good supps please feel free to let me know.



What are your current goals?


I'm back again :wink:

Understandable?! WTF. So you are telling me you have used gear and yet have no clue on any supplements?! Hmmmm


Buddy, my 'understandable' comment was about him not wanting to risk his job by continuing his use of gear. To me, that is understandable.

Make sense now?


Anybody gonna help this guy. Well as for my two cents:

Nothing compares to what you've done so once you except that and get over it...

The basics work best. Creatine
glutimine, the NO products etc but just like "juice' each one is has a specific purpose and some copanies are better then other. Most creatines carry allot of water and sugar(Cell Tech) so if that bothers you then stay away. Sci-fits stuff seems to cause less water retention so try that. The NO products are ok but I'm sure everybody here has an opinion on that. I like PUMP TECH and NOX3 but I think NO2 is worthless.

All the new pro hormone stuff is hit or miss since they changed the rules. Someone here should be able to point you on the right direction on that. I'm in the same boat on the drug test being in the military but the Services, especially the Army, have no clue as to the benefits of supplementation so any weight gain could cause some idiot to call for a drug test. I can't take the chance as much as I'd love to. Good luck


Consumer Alert: The NO2/Arginine Scam

Glutamine: Destroying the Dogma

Just some food for thought.

I'm waiting to hear his goals since that usually plays a huge role in supplement choice. Usually. :wink:


I still can't get my head round this! & why hasn't no one else flamed this retard? You have taken 'gear', yet you know fuck all about which supplements to use. First, if your actually serious about being a worthy member this place called T-Nation, you get your body to the best you can naturally by training right and eating right and supplementing (which is pretty fuckin obvious, if you actually took time to read any of the articles on this site, which supplements they are!!) Only then would you consider starting 'gear'.


I gotta agree with the Limey. If you've stuck a needle full of test into your ass, you know what protein powder and creatine are.

This guy's either a retard or a troll. Possibly a trolltard.


And, Wolverine...stop giving HustleTech your money. All their stuff is shit.


I'm not denying that it's backassbackwards. It is. But he's also explained why he's making the change.

But, just because someone's used gear, doesn't mean they are inherently up-to-date on all new supplements. Yeah, I'm sure he knows damn well about protein powder and creatine - could it be possible he's asking about more sophisticated and new supps like Carbolin 19 and the like? Naw, couldn't be. And heaven forbid anyone ask for suggestions before buying. We all know we rip on people after the fact. :wink:

Flame away, what do I care. . . I'm just looking at the other side.


this is highly dependent on your goals. There would be little point in taking a fat burner if you're trying to bulk.

A good start is Grow!, ZMA, and Surge... getting your nutrition in order is always step #1.


I don't see the big deal.

So, someone introduced him to the dark side before he ever got around to learning much about supplements. I actually know others who have gone through the same thing. Why would someone waste time learning about supps if they've already made the leap to drugs and are happy with them?

As for what I recommend, it depends on you needs, but in general you should check out Biotest Surge, Grow!, Alpha Male, and Carbolin 19.


Jumping to conclusions about someone because they have used gear is assinine. Who says you have to use "supplements" first before you do a cycle or two?

I was completley unaware that one must first try creatine, and no.2 before they can use testosterone. So i guess arnold, and lee haney are idiots because they didint use creatine, or have access to most of the supps that we do now?

How do you know what his diet and training was like? Maybe he did a cycle in the 1970's. what is worng with training properly, eating properly and using gear, without the use of (mostly worthless) supplements?

you might want to pulll your head out of your ass and realize that there are other ways of doing things, other than what you think is proper.


fist off i just want to say most of you don't know your head from your ass to begin with. Why do I have to know about supplements. It their a writen rule about lifting ,if so someone please tell me where I can pick it up. I came here because most of you might have some usefull info about supps. Because you use them. You know what works and what does not.

Well to answer a few of your questions. Yes, after 4 years of lifting I went straight into the real stuff and have done several cycles. I don't want to risk it with my new job, so i am going to play it safe. As far as supplements go I don't have any Idea of what is out their worth spending my money on. The only supplement I ever tried was MAG-10, which i still have a few BLTs left now that is illegal I will not be using it.

A little bit about me I am 30 and have been lifting for about 13yrs.I have not done any thing in the way of gear for about 2yrs now. I am 5'10' 225lb 10% body fat. my goal is to get to 235 or better. So for all you jerk-offs who had nothing but crap so say. You can go to hell because you wish you could get to where I am.

If any one has so use-full info for me about supplements like what is worth trying and what to stay away from please feel free to share it with me.


OK simple answer at you stats goals age etc. I would go for of course, Surge and Grow! along side a solid diet.

Other than that Carbolin 19 would be a safe legal substance with anabolic properties. You might stack that with Alpha Male to boost your T levels to the a HIGH natural level and keep excess E under control. Throw in some ZMA for improved sleep and much needed nutrients. Also you could pick up some regular old creatine Monohydrate. Oh Methoxy-7 has an awesome vascular effect if you want something that seems more purely Visual. It makes you appear drier and more vascular.

Id say the main thing will be of course your diet and training.

Stay away from all the hyped up super creatines. Most are overrated and loaded with useless extras for excess money. Some say the No2 stuff is worth a damn most myself included got nothing from them.

I guess thats about it as far as direct info I can think of. Now if you have a particular supp in mind ask away.

Hope that helps,


Yes, that helps a lot i just want to know what was worth buying and what is a waist of money Thanks phill and all the other who stood up for me. Because so a few assholes who think you need to start with supps then go to gear. I just could never figure out why you would buy something that did not works as well and coast more more money in the long run.

If it werent for my job I would just go back to the good stuff.


My 2 cents: Carbolin 19 is becoming new favorite of mine. I have been on it for just over a month and fell solid day in through day out. I am noticing more defintion in lagging parts such as calves and shoulders. I plan continuing this for at least 12-14 weeks. I have also had great results from Alpha Male. I feel more aggressive and strong while on it. I have never done any real gear, so I can't give you any comparisons. But, those two I have found to be potent. They just don't offer quick results like AAS.


thank guys i think that I am going to look in to Alpha Male and Carbolin 19. Just as soon as I unload this MAG-10 -ya i know what the hell am I doing asking about other supps when i have MAG-10 . I have a job I really love and i just dont think it is a good idea that is all no other reason.