New to Supps, Looking for a Boost


i m new to this website and new to supplements. I am going to gym since last one year. I have never taken any supplements or proteins. I dont want to get very big. But i want to increase my stamina and get ripped. Can u guys suggest me any supplement which can boost my workout?

I am also planning to start taking proteins. Should i take proteins during workout or after workout ?

Let me suggest a few articles:

Training for Newbies, Part 1

Training for Newbies, Part 2

Nutrition for Newbies, Part 1

Nutrition for Newbies, Part 2

Not to be a dick, but I highly suggest reading those before you do anything, even asking question. Arm yourself with knowledge first.

Yes, and then search for teh supplementation for newbies and “a stack for every occasion articles” then ask what you need to ask.

GetSwole, I completely forgot about that article. Prav, here it is for ya;

Supplementation for Newbies