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New to Supplements

So, I have been lifting weights and working out for a long time but I have never really used supplements before. I put on muscle mass really easily and make large gains in strength realitively fast. I would like to cute some fat and put on some more muscle.

Any ideas? I have been thinking about buying some Animal Stak. I have a few friends that have been using that for awhile and they all love it.

cutting fat I would definitely recommend HOT-ROX Extreme in combination with a proper diet.

For adding muscle mass I would advise you to take some Beta-7, BCAA’s, Z-12, and definitely hit up some Alpha Male since you are a man. There is nothing like the libido boost and strength in crease you get from Alpha Male imo. That unleashed Testosterone can work wonders!

In either case I would also take Surge for post workout recovery, Flameout and Superfood for health reasons.

Here is a link where you can read more about all the products I mentioned.