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New to Supplementation


I've been lifting for 3 years now and have decided to start taking some supplements. I'm 5'7" 161 lbs with ~12% body fat. I'm looking to get cut.
I've purchased Now whey protein isolate, Gaspari SizeOn Tablets (Creatine Gluconate), Optimum OptiMen (Vitamins), Flameout, Prolab Glutamine Powder, and Controlled Labs Purple Wraath (BCAA's).

In specific I would like to know how much creatine, BCAA's and gluatmine to take for my body weight. Furthermore, when should I take those? I've heard that the recommended dosage is set too high by the manufacturer in an effort to sell more of their proudct. Finally, some of the supplements have overlapping ingredients. For instace, the OptiMen vitamins have 800 mg of amino acids which are also founded in the Purple Wraath.

Sorry for the lengthy post and I appreciate any input.
Thanks and have a happy holidays!


I'm curious to see how those supps work out for you, I don't have any experience with those specifically. With BCAA's, before during and after lifting, works well for me. I'm not familiar with that creatine product, but if its similar to monohydrate, I'd take it post work out with some fast absorbing protein with good carbs.


Glutamine is a waste if you eat carbs, 800mg of amino acids is practically nothing so it isn't like they have overlapping ingredients.


3-5g a day, post workout, is generally a norm for creatine monohydrate usage. not too sure about that product you purchased, odds are its an overpriced designer supplement thats no more effective or even less effective than standard micronized monohydrate. at any rate, BCAA usage is pretty variable, i've heard numbers from 5-20g a day.

Half a serving of whatever multivitamin you buy is generally a safe bet too.

pretty much the #1 supplement you can take is some sort of workout nutrition shake - Surge, accelerade, etc... don't waste the money on glutamine/fancy creatine products (stick to monohydrate, even "high quality" monohydrate is cheap)/ designer vitamins and buy a quality workout drink. getting the anabolic pump going with a pre/postworkout shake is key to recovery & insulin sensitivity. be advised that exactly what you take in terms of workout nutrition might vary though based on whatever cutting program you are following.


honestly, I feel if you haven't read enough about what they do, how they do it, and how experts might suggest that you take them, then you shouldn't have bought them.

is your training quality? have you been making gains without supps? what is your diet like? These need to be ironed out before you start buying lots of supps.

what does you training and diet look like?

That being said, if you are eating a low carb diet, I would do 40 grams whey and 2 grams glutamine as your meal before workout, and as your post workout shake. If you are not eating low carb, then as Ct has suggested in the past 5g glutamine/5g BCAA x 5 per day. Or 20g BCAA's during your workout. Take creatine 5g pre or post workout (either is fine according to CT, he just mentioned it in one of the physique clinics). take your vitamin with food, and take your Flameout in the evening.


I've made solid gains over the last three years. I started out at 115 lbs and I am now 160 lbs. My body fat may have increased slightly, but that is due to my diet. My workouts are great. I'm always sore, even 3/4 days later.

That's why I've decided to take these supplements: to reduce my recovery time.
I dediceded on creatine gluconate because it reduces the bloatedness associated with monohydrate.

Over the next month that I have off from school I intend to just get cut. So basically I'm doing 2X12 of my normal workouts.


You shouldn't use DOMS to gauge performance or progress. Actually, you shouldn't "always" be sore anyhow.

I've never had "the bloat" that some claim to have with creatine mono.

Creatine won't reduce your recovery time, that's not what it does. The BCAA's definitely will, but if you are looking for those to help with recovery, then why not try Surge Recovery, it's right in the name.

It is also a very high quality supplement.