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New to Strongman - Advice?

Background: Started training 2.75 years ago. Gained 40-50 lbs and I’m now at 6ft 1, 215 lbs at around 13% bf.

RAW Lifts (All recent):

DL: 485 lbs

Squat (Deep): 400 lbs

Bench: 290 lbs.

For the first time today I tried Strongman training. I loved it. I did some Log press (220lbs), Duck walk over 15 m (485 lbs) Chain pull (650 lbs) Tire Flips (620 lbs) and Farmers Hold 80 seconds with a Fat Grip (210 lbs x 2).

My goal is to compete in the under 230 lbs by June. Considering that I can only realistically get strongman specific training (Logs, Yokes, Tires etc) once a week what gym work should I be doing and can anyone suggest routines?

Thanks a lot.


One day is a week is plenty for event training. You got a strong base already, so just keep your gym work similar to what got you where you are now.

If you have a specific competition you are planning for, you could, and probably should, make your training more specific to the events in that contest.

Oh, and start adding overhead and grip work into your gym work if you haven’t already.

agreed, work on cleans, lots of dl’s shoulder push presses etc… also make sure ur arms are strong u dont want to tear a bicep

Thanks for your replies so far guys.

The competition is; Scotlands Strongest Man (Under 105K).

Events: (K=Kilogram)

  1. natural stones over head - max weight -
    last man standing 60 seconds per athlete
    weights from 60k to 125k

  2. Conans wheel - 300k
    max distance

  3. grip medley -
    110k farmers 15m
    130k farmers 15m
    280k timber frame 15m
    90 secs fastest time or max distance

  4. tyre flip 375k
    6 flips, fastest time wins or max distance

  5. keg loading
    5 100k kegs to be loaded onto barrels fastest time wins
    or time from last loaded keg

  6. van deadlift (bar to the front)
    245k in the hands most reps wins

What kind of grip work can I do in the gym?

Also, would it be good to have a: 1) Deadlift 2) Squat 3) Overhead 4) Accessory type split?

Thanks again.

[quote]swissrugby67 wrote:
What kind of grip work can I do in the gym?
Various types of barbell holds. An easy one is to just grab a loaded barbell with a double overhand grip and hold for time.


Also, would it be good to have a: 1) Deadlift 2) Squat 3) Overhead 4) Accessory type split? [/quote]

Is this in addition to your one day of event training? It can work, you just have to be aware of what your body can handle since, with events, you will basically have three lower body days. But it can work just fine.

As long as you stay balanced, you can split your training anyway you wish. I just strongly suggest your choose exercises that will carry over to your specific events or ones that will get you stronger all over (pulls, presses, squats, etc).

You got some events that are very hard to replicate in the gym(stones, tire, kegs), so your it would be a good idea to train specifically for those on your event training day. Then use the gym to increase overall strength and address any weaknesses.

Good luck.