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New to Steroids

My friend wants to begin to use steroids. He is 17 5’2" and 190 pounds at about 10%bf. I told him he doesn’t need gear, but he insists on using. I understand many of you are going to hesitate to help because of the age, but I’m looking out for him to the best of my ability. He is adamant that he is going to use, and I can’t persuade him not to. So I figured the least I can do is help him form a proper cycle so he doesn’t completely fuck himself up.

I tried to convince him to use a beginner cycle of dianabol and deca. Deca for 10 weeks at 300mg a week or 60mg a workout session, and dianabol starting on the fourth week at 20mg a day for the duration of the cycle.

He works out 5 times a week so I figured 60mg a session would be easier on the system than 300mg all at once.

He wants to use something more hardcore, a proviron, sustanan, and stanozolol(winny) cycle .
He intends to use nolvadex on each because I just keep mentioning bitch tits everytime he complains about the extra cost.

Can I please get some constructive opinions past don’t do it, because I can’t talk him out of it and I’d rather him do it the smart way and suffer some ill effects than completely fuck himself.

sounds like your friend has a much better idea wtf he is doing than you do. not sure you should be giving advice if it is “do deca and dbol cause it is safer”. Have you researched these compounds?

If you want to tell him something of benifit tell him to go to this site and make sure he is doing his cycle properly.

If he is going to do a cycle Test with Winny and a little proviron isn’t a bad choice. He should watch the winny if he has bad joints or poor cholesterol. He could skip Winny all together on his first cycle really. get him to use arimidex or a similar compound during his cycle to combat estrogen (it blocks aromitization so you don’t have an estrogen accumulation in the first place). It will be better than nolva which just keeps the estrogen from being seen at the receptor site (you still have a build up of it in your system).

You can figure out doses for the test, proviron, and adex from reading up on this site. check cadav’s log he did a pretty good job of it.

Tell your friend best of luck with his cycle and train hard.


did you remind him HES 17 and can quite possibly mess himself up for life?

tell him thats he’s 5’2" and at 17 he still has a year or two to grow so hes not such a stub. If he does a cycle thats it and he’ll be semi-dwarf the rest of his life

First of all I can assure you I know a little bit more than he does. If it wasn’t for me he’d be taking orals only and no milk thistle or PCT of any kind. I’m using anabolics 2005 by william llewlyn as a guide,because it offers cookie cutter cycles and the dianabol/deca-durabolin was supposed to be a beginner cycle and easier on the system than the proviron, sustanon, winny cycle. He actually isn’t going to grow any more he’s actaully 5’6" that was one hell of a mistype on my part, but his doctor told him he’s not going to grow anymore.

Like I said before he’s doing it one way or the other, so I just want him to do it as safely as possible.

In my opinion, reduce the length of the cycle. AT that age I wouldnt want to stunt my growth at all. Us guys at 5’7 think we are short enough already/