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New To Steroids

I never used steroids before, but I whant to start using some. theres so much info out there and Im scared to start Using them unless I can get a general idea of what to use, how to use them and what to do to prevent side effects.

Im 6ft 260lbs, 25 years old. Im naturally really strong. I can already bench 315 for 12 reps no problem, I warm up doing about 50 pushups and Bench with 185 to start. I squat 500lbs without breaking a sweat and my calves are bigger than any pro bodybuilder Ive ever seen (seriously I doubt Ronnie has calves like mine). I Know that if I was to take roids Id blow up to the size of a truck, hell an 18 wheeler big rig.

What should I take. I wouldnt minde burning off some fat, who wouldnt. Id say I can stand to lose 30lbs of fat, but my arms are small, I whant to get massive arms and freakish traps, wheres my neck? Whats a good first cycle? I was told Sustonon and some Primos are good, Equipouse, Deca, its just to hard to understand.

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I can’t believe that you didn’t get flamed for this post. You need to do some research. Did you see the Newbie Steroid thread? Read it. Get the book Chemical Muscle Enhancement and read it. You have alot of work/learning ahead of you before you start using your ass as a dartboard.



Start there.


Steroids For Dummies by Cy Willson is your best place to start. I apologize if it’s already been linked to above.

Steroids For Dummies at least 50 times and many other steroid related articles that you can find on this great site. later p-dub

Dude do some reading, hours and hours and hours. Don’t you really want to know what your putting in your body. The is a lot of great info on the net. Do your research

thanks guys. Its hard to learn, I was going to taks Sustenon 250. but I need to do some reasearch first

LOL if learning ABOUT it is hard then I doubt you’ll ever be ready to actually do them. You sound quite naive in your post to be truthful but I will give you credit for at least thinking of doing research before actually doing anything. Check the articles mentioned as well as the millions of different web sites out there. There’s alot of info on every and anything you can think of.