New to Steroids

Can anyone give me some information on which steroids to use. I’m new and have never done them in my life. I’m 6ft tall and 165lbs. I would like to add a couple of inches to my upper body. Any recommendations would be most welcome. Thank you.

I second that, well the looking for info. He’s got half a foot on me, but we weigh the same. I’d prefer to stay natural, but still interested in the subject.

Have you read the dozens of steroid articles in the archives of this very site, including the 2-3 written for newbies?

Guys, I don’t use roids but I lurk around here from time to time to learn more. There’s a ton of info on this site in previous articles and posts. You’ll probably get more help if you do some research, come up with a plan and then ask for critiques.

A good cycle to start with is Deca, but i would prefer sustanon because of better gains, but deca does well for its self.

You all need to read some more. And, the guy who suggested straight deca as a good cycle, have you ever tried it? If you have then power to you but the general consensus is that deca is not a great standalone drug because of its extreme supressiveness and lack of androgenic component (you have trouble getting a boner for a considerable period after use).


at 6ft 165lbs, you need to work on your diet and training before thinking about steroids. Heres an idea, do the research from now till you get up to 200-215 fairly lean, then consider steroids.

Are you guys really serious with this thread???

don’t use roids. I am also 6 feet and once was 135. Don’t tell me that your a hard gainer. Because I was one even if I think now there is no such thing. Eat, that’s all I can say, The first time I used roids I was 220, 12%bf.
You can still had up a lot of muscle on your frame. If you need a mental boost, take some creatine, but geez, not roid. Try to start eating 6-7 meals a day, not 2-3 tuna can, That was my problem, I thought I was eating a lot but when I start eating for real, It showed, diet is the base of your need, training follow, lifestyle and at last supplement, try to see the 3 first stage before moving to roids. Those are great, but there’s a time to use them,


Check out the steroid newbie thread for starters!


Please try squats or trap-bar deads, benches, rows and cleans (5x5 is a good place to start). Eat very well and a lot. Have some patience. Get up to 200 lbs and then consider if you want to take steroids.

I think this is an excellent thread, 25iu’s a day of GH ed should take care of it.