New to Steroids

I’m 24 years old, 5’8 160 lbs skinny fat.
I have been workout for 8 - 10 months, i know the basics and proper technique but due to works and schools, i’m unable to stay consistent, so i always have that skinny fat body physique.

Anyways, my steroids pimp just introduced me to these 3 supplements for cutting and lean body-mass (my goal)

  1. Clenbuterol 40mg
  2. Stano 10mg
  3. Cytomel (T3) 50mg

My question: Is this a good recommendation? And how should i use these supplements effectively with minimal risks?

You don’t. You learn how to train and eat properly and consistently and do that for several years before even thinking about gear.

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I’m calling my guy this from now on lol


So i shouldn’t use gear? When should i be ready to use them?
Please give me some advice, i’m young and hungry.

Learn how to lift and eat. You can probably put on 15-20lbs of muscle pretty easily in your first year without drugs. 10lbs the subsequent year, and maybe 5-7lbs the year after that. Come back when you’ve put on 30-40lbs of muscle naturally, then think about steroids.

Nah, it’s not due to works and schools, it’s due to your laziness. Don’t make excuses. Learn discipline. Then maybe consider steroids.

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Don’t use cytomel especially. You will likely lose muscle on it, and can damage thyroid function. IMO it has use for thyroid conditions, and high level bodybuilding where the anabolic drugs will offset the muscle loss.

No nothing your “pimp” suggested is a good recommendation. These are serious fat loss drugs with side effects that shouldn’t be messed with by a beginner. Learn how to lose fat through diet and cardio.

Really appreciate all the helps and criticism. Fookin love it!
I will be back when i lose more fats and put more muscles.
Stay strong everyone :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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No sarcasm, not joking. You have an amazing attitude in how you handled some of the responses. There are quite a few guys that come in here where they have their minds made up and they are not open minded or thinking logically.

Keep working hard and you will get there with time.

You’re still a newbie regardless. You have no business using steroids. Maybe in 10 years. BTW, your pimp is an idiot who doesn’t care if you get hurt.



These are no supplements, but dangerous medicaments. First of all there are no safe steroids. All have side effects and should be a matter of responsible choice. Second these 3 can be really dangerous. For example clen, I would not advise anybody touching this. T3 can downregulate your thyroid and you may need to be on thyroid medications for life after using it.

If you are really decisive to you steroids, the least harmful cycle you can do is 300-500mg test enanthate or cypionate per week. No other drugs or medications. No AI, no clen, no SARMS or whatever. And still you should be prepared that after this you may need to be on testosterone for the rest of your life. The choice is yours. And again this is your safest option :slight_smile: