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New to Steroids


Hi all, am training really hard and get frustrated from time to time because am not making gains as quick as I would like. My diet is pretty good and I train hard. People in my gym say to me to get on the "gear" but am not sure about it. What is the best stuff to take and what is the best cycle to use??

I am considering it but I'm trying to lose weight at the same time and want to know does it affect weight loss??? Also I dont want to develop a set of breasts either. Can anyone advice or point me in the right direction?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I've never been the first person into one of these types of threads to say it, and I'm really excited that I finally get this opportunity! Here it goes.

You're a fucking idiot.

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Read the top 8 threads of this forum they have a little yellow sticky note next to them. That should give you a good knowledge base


now you can go back to /fit/


Youre trying to get bigger and lose fat at the same time. Bodybuilding fail.

Choose a goal. Or at least dont choose two goals that are exact opposites and attempt to do them simultaneously. Then take that goal and go read about how to achieve it.