New to Stacking, Need Help

Hey guys,
New here!
So I have been running test E for 2 cycles now and v happy with results. I have low test in general and have now got my hands on a few things. I am looking for the best stack to use, as I havnt stacked before.
I have omnadec
Tri test (test cyp, test hep, test dec)
Tren e
Mix of winstrol, dbol and oxy
And clomid, nolva and proviron for PCT.

As I mentioned earlier, never stacked before and I am new to this gear. Looking for the best cycle/steds to stack. Any help is appreciated!


That’s a lot of blends.

Deca (omnadeck) and tren metabolites hang around a while, if you plan to pct may choose to not use those.

What’s your goal for this cycle?

Post a pic.

What are your stats? Ht wt, training style, macros?

Not that happy, if you’re adding more to the mix, right? I would keep using test only until you were unhappy with the results, then start adding onto that

If you feel it’s time to stack (whatever that means, which is a separate question), I would suggest limit the stack to 3 different AAS.

  1. A testosterone (e or c)
  2. An injectable anabolic (Deca or Tren e)
  3. An oral (most any I know of)

You can cycle these for a few years changing the choices to see what stack you most like.

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