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New to Site, Would Like Some Help with Blood Test Results


31yr old male, 5ā€™6 170lbs. I have been extremely tired with some depression the past few months, I have been on .5ml a week of test cypionate for about a year now. Have also been put on zoloft and Vyvanse. I went to a new Dr. And had blood work done . I was told my test is still low, thyroid is low, vitamin D and b12 are low and Cortisol is low. Could it just be a thyroid issue that is causing my problems? The new Dr. Wants me on 1ml of test a week, 1.5 grain thyroid pills, 5000mcg b12 and a vitamin A, D, K compound.

Here are my low results
T3 total 0.90
T4 Free 0.71
LH 0.63
FSH 0.96
SHBG 13.2
B12 298
VIT D 41.3
TEST 500


If you are going to type/paste labs, we need the lab ranges.

I have to agree with what your doctor is suggesting.

Could your thyroid be low because you are not getting any iodine from iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium?

Thyroid is not bad as such things go and I do not think that it is causing the other problems, but can make you lethargic.

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The numbers on the left are my results and the ranges are next them. REF LOW in the middle and REF HIGH to the right


Iā€™m sorry, High is middle and low is right column.


Any help would be appreciated