New to Site, Would Like Some Help with Blood Test Results

31yr old male, 5’6 170lbs. I have been extremely tired with some depression the past few months, I have been on .5ml a week of test cypionate for about a year now. Have also been put on zoloft and Vyvanse. I went to a new Dr. And had blood work done . I was told my test is still low, thyroid is low, vitamin D and b12 are low and Cortisol is low. Could it just be a thyroid issue that is causing my problems? The new Dr. Wants me on 1ml of test a week, 1.5 grain thyroid pills, 5000mcg b12 and a vitamin A, D, K compound.

Here are my low results
T3 total 0.90
T4 Free 0.71
LH 0.63
FSH 0.96
SHBG 13.2
B12 298
VIT D 41.3
TEST 500

If you are going to type/paste labs, we need the lab ranges.

I have to agree with what your doctor is suggesting.

Could your thyroid be low because you are not getting any iodine from iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium?

Thyroid is not bad as such things go and I do not think that it is causing the other problems, but can make you lethargic.

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The numbers on the left are my results and the ranges are next them. REF LOW in the middle and REF HIGH to the right

I’m sorry, High is middle and low is right column.

Any help would be appreciated