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New to Site - Taking GH/Test Cyp/T4


feeling great .... been on the test for about 3 weeks now (200mg/5 days) and strength is going up dramatically (taking my next shot in about 15 mins right before the gym)... been on gh (3 ius/daily) for about 4 months now and body is def starting to lean out more and now my doc has just put me on the T4 (60mg/daily) which should help the thinning process out as well ... my wedding is coming up in a few months and wanna look great for it

anyone else on gh and test cyp i would like to hear what your story is and especially if you have any experience with T4

my doc has me running this until beginning of December and was wondering if anyone thinks that too long for the test? or what any opinions are

6' 215' (one cycle before this long time ago deca and winni)
looking to gain muscle and shed excess fat ... also looking to get back into rugby after the wedding and would like to be in good shape for that when i start ... id be happy to answer any other questions anyone might have


Timing of T before the gym is an illusion. Your perception of that will fade.

Without monitoring E2, you may not be as fit as you want for your wedding night, also with tiny balls too.


Imagine no "wood" on your wedding night...ouch


ok first wasn't doing it before the gym for the "pump" my girl is just waking up from working the night shift and i just got home .... I understand that timing has nothing to do with it already ... its a mental edge for ppl who believe it...

and as i said my doctor who has prescribed me for hypogonadism and i have low t as well (220) ... i just recently took a blood test last monday and that is my concern with the estrogen conversion.... it will be almost 4 months which is a long time in my eyes ... but my dosing isnt that high ....

tiny balls aren't an issue as well as libido is not a problem at all these days .... didn't know i didn't really have a big sex drive at 28 until i started taking my shots


200 mg ever 5 days certainly is a high dose for TRT at least - more than twice what most guys are on. Why is the doc only running this until December? Estrogen conversion will be an issue at this dose of test, and an AI will be required. High E2 will lead to water retention and fat gain - not your goals. What happens at the end of this "cycle" - will the doctor drop the test dosage and put you on a maintenance level?

Is the T4 to treat hypothyroidism, or simply a means to get cut for your wedding?

Most on this forum are taking TRT as a replacement for their normal testosterone and are concerned with the long-term success of their therapy, not cycling hormones for short-term gains.


well i am just starting this therapy and learned that this is a problem that i do have ... the T4 is for my hypogonadism but it helps as well for my goals ... As for til December its the next time i see my doctor and i did not want to stay on it for that long with this high of a dose ... and i am also gonna be trying to have a baby in about 2 years or so .... im not sure where i would like to go after this initial period that is why i am asking for advise of peoples experiences