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New To Site - Need Advice

Hello everybody, I hope my first post is in the right spot

I have been lifting seriously for about 7 months and in that time i’ve had some serious gains in muscle, but i’ve also lost a bunch of fat. Right now i’m 165lbs (5’ 8"). My current routine is mon:chest, tue:bi’s and tri’s, wed:shoulders, thu: back, fri:legs. While my chest has grown by leaps and bounds (my max bench has gone from 150 when i started to 275 one rep), my arms have ceased to grow a long time ago. I was reading about CW’s ABBH programs, and I was a bit confused as to what exercises I should be doing and the exact amount of reps/sets. If someobdy could clear this up for me with maybe an example of what they do or a spreadsheet it would be greatly appreciated.
I hope that all my work at the gym training individual body parts hasn’t all been in vain. I’m starting to read how compound exercises work wonders, so I want to try ABBH. Sorry for the long post…help a noob out!

This is the best I can do. Go to the Build a better body forum and look for the post–updated Waterbury spreadsheet.
Maybe a day or two ago was the last time I saw it.

This person was nice enough to spreadsheet all of CWs workouts and will PM them to you if you PM him. Truly a grand gesture.

Good luck–sorry about my computer illiteracy when it comes to links and past articles and posts. But it should be easy enough to find.

Here ya go:


Good luck!

thanks a million, you guys are awesome.