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New to Shoulder Exercises

i got some questions.
I searched the net and can’t find these exercises anywhere. help!
When doing incline lateral raise do i use a bench or bend over at the waist?
I’m not sure because there is so many names for the same exercise.

I’m not sure about
incline lateral raise
incline rear delt raise

they seem the same to me

Also is military press done best with dumbbells or a bar, standing or sitting?

And last question. I am not sure about alternate dumbbell shoulder press. Is this exercise done by sitting down on the bench and using one arm at a time to raise the wight above your head from shoulder position? sort of like military press but with alternating dumbbell?

I gotta go do this exercise as soon as you guys help me… thx

a1. military press
a2. incline lateral raise

b1 alternate dumbbell shoulder press
b2. cable front raise

c1. seated cable row to neck
c2. incline rear delt raise

What kind of routine are you following? That seems like way too much shoulder work. Unless you’re doing a shoulder specialization program like CT has written, then you are doing too much.

There are descriptions of those exercises all over T-nation (in previous articles), and I’m sure you can find them by doing a search online.

However, I would recommend keeping your shoulder training much more simple. All that work is not necessary. Standing overhead presses or Bradford presses will do wonders for your shoulders…and you won’t need to do lateral raises, rear delt raises and all the other isolation exercises if you use those exercises and still do plenty of bench pressing and rowing.

Incline lateral raises are just like standing I like to call them side raises, but on a incline bench, i prefer dumbell, but can either do them seated or standing, I prefer seated, because keeps me from cheating and using my back, but i do have shoulder problems so i dont use full ROM which im limited, but mine is mostly healed.