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New to Roids. Help with Gynecomastia?

Hi guys. Newbie to roids here. A lil about me. 35 year old male and been working out for a few years now. So i recently spoke to my trainer and he advised a testosterone cypionate only cycle . However the problem is that I’ve read some really nasty stuff about testosterone aromitising and everyghing and still dunno what to use for during the cycle to prevent gyno. So here are my questions:

1- is everyone prone to gyno?

2- will taking tamoxifen everyday during the cycle be enough to prevent gyno?

3- is it true that once the cycle ends and you stop the tamoxifen your body will have a huge estrogen rebound and you’ll still end up with gyno?

4 will proviron be a better alternative?

5 would doing dht based steroids be a better alternative (like a winstrol or masteron only cycle)

Again please excuse my ignorance on this topic . But I’m so very very confused on the stuff i need during ghe cycle to prevent gyno.


  1. No, not everyone is prone. Everyone is capable of getting it (assuming no previous surgery to remove pubescent gyno), but not everyone is prone to it.
  2. In theory, yes. For some people this is the best approach. For others there is no need to take anything. It’s individual.
  3. Estrogen rebound is a yeti. A lot of people talk about it as if it’s real but I’ve never seen evidence of it in any blood work. Could it theoretically happen? Sure, I guess. But it’s not what has been sold as.
  4. No.
  5. Absolutely not. Cycles without testosterone are a bad idea in almost every case. Your body needs testosterone. If you’re taking something like a DHT derivative that shuts down that natural production then you need to replace that with. There’s a reason the beginner cycle recommendation is test-only. It works, it has far fewer side effects than other steroids, and it’s a foundational chemical in our bodies already.

As usual Iron has covered 99 % of what I would have said. I will add in this bit. Nolvadex and Clomid are SERMs and that stands for Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator or something close to that. Basically they act like a synthetic estrogen in the body and in our situation in regards to gyno they attach to the tissue so real estrogen can not attach and cause growth. Sometimes they are referred to as estrogen blockers. Typically we use them for PCT/Post Cycle Therapy and is some situations they are the preferred method to deal with the elevated estrogen levels on cycle.
We also have things called Aromatase Inhibitors or AI. The three main ones are arimidex aromasin and femara. What they do is attach to the Aromatase enzyme so that enzyme can not break down certain hormones like testosterone into estrogen. AIs tend to be the preferred method of dealing with the extra estrogen on cycle. That enzyme is one of the ways our bodies help control the level of Testosterone in themselves so when we go on cycle our bodies produce more of this enzyme trying to lower the test levels.

Because you are new to this world I will go a bit further. Everybody needs some Estrogen in their bodies for a whole list of reasons. We as men and especially if we are on a cycle want the estrogen within this optimal window, usually we prefer it in the low optimal range. We can not build muscle without estrogen. Estrogen also has a natural anti inflammatory and pain relief quality to it. If we take too much AI on cycle we can crash our estrogen and then our joints dry out, we have pain and usually we get very tired and moody.

If you decide to take the leap and run a cycle, hopefully after many many more hours of research please follow these guidelines. (I do applaud you for seeking answers rather than just not worrying about it as so many do)
Never start a cycle without everything you need in hand from your bottles of test, AI, and especially all of your PCT drugs. Having ordered it and it being in the mail does not count, you have to be able to touch it before your first injection.
Even if you don’t want to use it you still should have some sort of AI in hand just for emergency, no one wants a limp dick and double d cup tits
I also suggest always ordering slightly more than just enough PCT drugs, there are situations where having a few extra Nolvadex tablets would be nice.
Testosterone only for your first few cycles! Your trainer seems to be one of the non idiots out there, so many come here with three or four compounds in their first cycle because a “trainer” said it was ok. Even though he seems to be okay always verify everything because you are the one who has to live with the outcome.
Only one new drug or compound at a time, as in only one new one per cycle.

Just fyi some guys can be dicks on here I know I can be if I feel someone is an idiot but most of us remember what it was like early in our cycle history and are willing to answer questions even if they might seem dumb to you. So even if you get an asshole responding to you question chances are someone else that will answer will also respond. Also always do you best to show some sort of thought process behind the question which you did. Also provide as much background info as possible, you would be surprised what little bits of info can effect a solid recommendation. It’s very easy to accidentally hurt someone without knowing everything from their background and no one wants that.

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