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New to Replacement Therapy

4 weeks into my trt protocol, in Australia. (Doctors here are complete jerk offs)
Currently on 200mg a week split into 2 doses of test e. Have blood tests in 4 weeks so not 100% sure where levels are at right now but feeling reasonably level and good.

Have cycled before, but just wondering as this is now a long term thing, what else (in terms of anything) do you guys incorporate into your protocols and lifestyle to optimise the whole process, and reduce associated risk factors?

Related history -

Iv had a small spot of gyno flare up 3 weeks in, which I’m addressing, but have over the last 3 years had slightly elevated liver enzymes, along with a bunch of immune flare ups like allergies and rashes. I don’t drink, and have eaten my fair share of shit, but also generally taken better care of myself than most people.
I train and compete regularly in martial arts and gym, so it would seem unlikely/unlucky to be non alcoholic fatty liver, but am going to get an ultra sound to check anyway.

I’m currently, and have for a while, taking daily - krill/fish oil, a fermented mens multi, chlorella and spirulina, magnesium complex, and usually twice a week juice up some celery kale beets mixed berries and grapefruit.

Likely because your dose is double what most men need.


Having been on TRT for 20 years I can tell you I do not do anything particular. I treat TRT solely as medication, which is how it should be handled.

I take my medication once per week (100 mg T cyp) and don’t think about until my next dose.

TRT seems to be the only form of medication that people treat like a mission or hobby.

Likely the only way to avoid risk factors is taking the appropriate amount.


Wish I said that. So true. I’m convinced some of my guys think about their “levels” 24/7.


Cool that was utterly useless, unrelated, and helpful, thanks.

I don’t know what that means, so I wouldn’t know that.