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New to Public Gyms. Help Me Understand Dress Codes


Which beard are you referring to?


Only the one that covers the chin.


I only talk to them when they have their cloths on. I would not want them to get any weird ideas, haha you never know what is going thru their dirty old neked bodied minds.


I have found most folks who belong to the “silver sneakers” program just need some camaraderie and a social outlet - the gym is more about that for them than actually working out.


WHERE exactly are they sneaking this silver?

My question is both a geography and biology question.


I’m not knocking them hell I’m one of them. SS pays for my gym memberships. But I have no interest in parading around the lockerroom with my boys swinging so they can air drying.

Anyway if found it pretty funny and I wanted to know what you guys thought.


“silver sneakers” is the name of the program where Medicare/Medicaid pays for gym memberships for older folks. It’s guaranteed income for the gym owners and a free social club for members


The joke is less funny when you explain the punchline.


Fair enough.
The naked guys don’t bug me much. The guys that use the hair dryer to force dry their family Jewels though - that is disturbing on multiple levels. Also, it is one of the reasons I have never touched a hair dryer at the gym.


Apologize and agree- joke didn’t come through in text - some people really don’t know about the program.


I see a lot of people shitting on brands like GymShark and I don’t really know why. It’s quality stuff, made for people that actually lift so they fit right with broader shoulders and tapered waist (like fuck, finally, it’s insane how long this took)

and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Sure, the little symbol is silly (why I refuse to buy anything that says gymshark or has the symbol really big) but man it’s way better than paying 60+ dollar for anything Nike/Underarmor workout related.

If it isn’t for basketball players then it will cost $$$$$ to buy anything from the top brands with a good chance it still doesn’t fit right.