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New to Pro Hormones...How's my PCT?


Epistane or Havoc 6wks

PCT 4wks
Nolvadex (Tamox.) if necessary Ill have it on hand.
PCT Assist
Test booster

Supports 12wks
Cycle Support
Vit B6/P5P
Vit C

Based on all the info I have collected this is what Ive come up with. Ive also read that you shouldnt start taking the test booster until about 2 weeks into your pct, is this true? Any advice appreciated thanks.


Test booster isnt really important.

Start taking it the first day if you like.

There is no reason to wait 2 weeks.

I dont see any problems, although I should mention that most users see better gains from 40mg/day.

It seems to be the sweetspot for 99% of users.

Im not sure what Nolvadex on hand means.

Nolvadex is your PCT, its not an "oh hand" kind of thing.

It is the entire PCT.

40/40/20/20 nolvadex per day.


I thought that If I didnt see any negative sides in my cycle... ex. gyno development, lethargy, loss of libido, sore/itchy nips then the Nolvadex might not be necessary.


How could you see any gyno development when using havoc??

Please understand what is going on in your body before using drugs.


Havoc/epistane itself acts as an Anti E.

You can use it to treat gyno in several cases.

Unfortunately suppressing your HTPA and suddenly dropping the PH with anti-e properties is going to lead to some nice Estrogen rebound.

You will have problems once you come off, not while your on.