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New to Prescribed TRT

I’m almost 40 and finally went in for labs. I’ve been taking about 5mg of iodine for 1.5 months and 5000IU of Vit D for about a month. I was able to get them to add Vit D to the labs. They wouldn’t check estrogen but said they would the next draw. Here are several of the results.

Test Total: 327 (250-1100)
LH: 3.6 (1.5-9.3)
FSH: 2.1 (1.6-8.0)
Vit D Total: 39 (30-100)
TSH: 5.56 (.40-4.50)

Three sheets of info so please let me know any of the other important results and I’ll add them. Here are my questions. Any help will be much appreciated.

  1. They treated me with one 400ml injection today (buttocks) and they didn’t schedule me back in for one month even though I specifically asked for a minimum of one injection every two weeks, preferably every week. Why the one month wait? Is this just because it was my first treatment? Not sure how much of a drop will occur during those last two weeks…

  2. Why was the nurse practitioner all about me getting HCG when I asked for it but the doc gave a big “no” at the end. I specifically told her I didn’t want any shrinkage which I know is bound to happen. Really, what’s the big deal or fear in treating with HCG at this point?

  3. They were happy I was supplementing Vit D and said to boost it even further so I’m going to go to 10,000IU (solgar brand) and see what the results say in three months. Anyone thinking that 10,000IU a day could be harmful within the next three months before labs?

  4. Their main concern was the TSH being above normal range. They said that it was nice that I was using Iodine and suspected that the TSH would be worse if I wasn’t taking it but they have me stopping it all together until the next lab. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated because if the levels are still high on the next draw then they want to put me on something that would be for a lifetime and I’m not about that one bit.

Thanks in advance guys!