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New to Powerlifting


i want to start powerlifting. i dont know any terms or anything about powerlifting other than a basic concept of not as many reps and a shitload more weight. the most help anyone can give me is a website that can help me, remember i dont know any terms so dont give me a website thats got acryonms all over it please.


Just read up man, and get used to it, in powerlifting we never stop learning.


read.read. read and read some more, start searching this site and read all the articles on www.elitefts.com good luck


Check out Dave Tate's The Eight Keys and all its following parts if you want to learn about powerlifting. Actually just read everything by Tate on this website especially Bustin Ass 101 and Education of a powerlifter parts 1 and 2. Sorry I didnt post links you can easily find them by clicking on his name under the author section.


1.) Learn the competition rules and technique

2.) Watch videos of contests

3.) Sign up for a meet

4.) Train for a contest with the emphasis on learning how properly perform the lifts