New to Powerlifting!

Hi i’m new and i’ve been lifting for nearly 2 years and i’m also a student at university. I’ve currently been using the westside method for about 1 month now, i just wanted to ask if i should be doing 1 reps max’s on good mornings? the reason why i’m asking is that some doctor at the gym told my it can really damage the back, even more then the deadlift. so what you all think?

Do it as a second exercise. At most, I would work up to a 3rm. I don’t see the benefit of taking a single.

Don’t worry about your back, just keep your belly full of air and hold your arch. If you go slack in the middle, yes you will fuck up your back. This is also true for squatting and pulling. Stay tight and protect yourself.

If the GM is done incorrectly it can be pretty bad. On top of what Ramo has suggested, push your ass back hard. You should feel it in hamstrings, not back so much.

Ah rite i think i’m gonna maybe go for max 3’s or max 5’s next time. thanks for the help!

You should read the recent thread which discusses good mornings…

Personally, I would aim for most of your GMs sets to be in the 8-12 rep range along with possibly the occasional 3-5rm sets, because the idea is to help supplement work for squats and deadlifts. You don’t necessarily need to always make GMs a second exercise on a particular training day, but you should think of it as a supplement exercise to improve on squats and dls.

I’d be inclined to agree with Kylec72, especially as you’re fairly new to strength training. Do 8-12, maybe work to a 5RM after a while, the back to 8-12.

BTW which uni are you at?

If you are going to work heavy singles, I recommned that variation where you start the lift from the pins in a power rack.

Hi, I’m also at uni in England. I’ve made two trips to Westside over the past couple of years. They do good mornings as a max effort movement regularly, but always for a max triple and never a 1RM.

Obviously there is strain on your back when you do them, but that’s pretty much the whole point. As long as you do them right, you’ll be fine. I’ve been over 200kg for GM’s and my back’s fine. If you have any doubts about your technique then get in touch, if they’re done wrong they can be dangerous.

  • Matt

P.S. Which uni are you at? I’m in Oxford.