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New to Powerlifting


Alright, so I've been workout out off and on since I was a junior in highschool, and now I just started powerlifting. Its pretty good, and so far, I bench about 260, squat 340, dl 375. I'm 19, and looking for advice. I've been working a routine that is falls within the 3-5 rep range, three days a week, three lifts a day, and that's about it.

I hope the attached picture works, but its the routine I'm following. I've been watching my diet, and I'm about 190, don't know bf %, but if anyone has suggestions on routine, I'd love them.


its difficult to read, which is too bad because it seems like you're cycling intensity levels which is always interesting to ponder

the one thing that does stick out is that you have not one accessory lift - only compound lifts; you need to work on your weak areas, and this can only be done through accessory lifts

you will not be able to make a career by only doing compound lifts in the 3-5 rep range - your body will just not last; a look through some logs like Mega Newb, Hanley, Modi, Pinto, etc will demonstrate how to get stronger WITH accessory work

you should check out Wendler's 5/3/1 - it has been gaining in popularity among a couple of the heavy lifters on here (Kuz, Phil Wylie, and a couple others)

I'm interested in it myself, and will most likely give the 5/3/1 a couple of cycles or do a Westside Barbell template


and nice numbers for being 19 and 190


I think training the big three each and every workout might be a bit much.


If your just looking to train 3x a week, then you can have a squat/bench/deadlift day...and work either that exact lift; or a variation of that (front squat, floor press, deadlift on a box), then do some accessory work to strengthen your weak points and add to your main areas in that lift (box squat, board press, stiff leg deadlift).

Keep your core and posterior chain strong!


Although this section of WSBB's site may be known to most people, I found this link to be a veritable gold-mine: www.westside-barbell.com/articles.htm

Lots of articles about common and not-so-common stuff. I'm a new powerlifter as well, and most of it has helped me out so far.


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