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New to Powerlifting, Need Help!


Hey guys i'm new to powerlifting, i've been working out for like 8 months but now i want to get into powerlifting, i Like HIGH frequency routine, like minimum 5 days/week

Week Work Set 1 Work Set 2 Work Set 3 Work Set 4
1 80% x 2 reps 86% x 2 reps 92.5% x 2 reps N/A
2 80% x 4 reps 87.5% x 3 reps 95% x 2 reps N/A
3 80% x 2 reps 86% x 2 reps 92% x 2 reps 97.5% x 2 reps
4 80% x 5 reps 87.5% x 4 reps 95% x 3 reps N/A
5 80% x 2 reps 86% x 2 reps 92.5% x 2 reps 100% x 2 reps
6 80% x 2 reps 86% x 1 rep 92.5% x 4 reps + N/A

I have a question about this scheme Would it be possible like
Monday: Hyperthropy bench day
Tuesday: Light/power deadlift day
Wednesday: Light/power Bench day
Thursday: off (i got hockey so cardio)
Friday: Heavy bench(this routine)
Saturday: Heavy deadlift(this routine)

I'm not too sure if it's a good workout actually, I know for sure i want to do minimum 5 days a week, i'm searching for powerlifting routine minimum 5 days a week but there isnt many choice..***I CANT SQUAT BECAUSE I HAVE KNEE STRAIN (lateral collateral ligament) Thank you!


You can play hockey but cant squat? Just try westside and if you are sure you cant squat stick with Deadlift and good morning type exercises for your main work. 5/3/1 is pretty good also.


Can’t squat from LCL strain? That can’t possible be an issue for more than a month… How is recovery going?

More importantly - you are new to powerlifting. Focusing on % wayyyy lower is a much better way to start. Build some volume in the 50-80% range with reps from 15-3 as weights get heavier. Also, get some film of your lifting to watch yourself and see what you suck at because odds are you suck at something. Fix those problems before you build strength in a poor motor pattern.


I think your getting a little ahead of yourself. You need lots of reps at under 80 some at 80-90 and very few over 90.

If you want to get into powerlifting you will have to squat at some point. Let the collateral lig heal and find someone to rehab it. Proper squatting will really help to strengthen it up.

Instead of trying to make your own program find a cookie cutter beginner program. Greyskull, starting strength, Texas Method, 531, cube, juggernaut are all good places to start