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New to Powerlifting, Looking for Meets

  I'm new in powerlifting i've only done one meet and i want to do more but i'm haveing trouble finding meets in my area. if anybody knows of any meet coming up in the beginning of 2008 or if you know of any good websides to check out if you could let me know it would greatly appreciated

-Joe Trotto-




Powerlifting Watch lists upcoming meets in each state:


Good luck with your training!


You're in north Carolina? You shouldn't have too many problems finding something. APF, USAPL, AAU and RAW are all pretty active in NC.
Check PL watch and you'll find everything you need


Like robo1 said, there are plenty of opportunities to compete in NC. Here are a few sites to visit depending on your preference for single-ply, double-ply gear, etc:

APF: joeysmith.proboards105.com/index.cgi
Ironboy and AAU: www.ironboypowerlifting.com/
UPA: ncupa.proboards98.com/index.cgi

Good luck.