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New to Powerlifting, Good Numbers?

Hello I’m 17 and I weigh in at 138 to 141 I’m new to powerlifting alongside my friend. My lifts
Bench 165
Squat 230
Deadlift 320
Are these good for a newbie to completing?

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If you’re 17 then don’t worry, you have a long way to go. You are probably stronger than the vast majority of kids your age, just keep training. Nobody is going to laugh at you at a meet as long as you can perform the lifts properly.


They are good for a newbie, but don’t think about competing until your bench + squat + dead lift = 1000 pounds. You won’t win competitions at that level, but reaching a goal like that would show the necessary dedication.

I hear a lot of people saying the complete opposite, it doesn’t matter what numbers you are going for as long as your lifts will pass.


I agree. It makes no sense to wait until you achieve an arbitrary mark.


Are your sure I should wait till I hit 1000 total because I’m looking at the records for diffrent meets in my weight class , and they all are in the 600 and very rarely are any at the 800 total

Absolutely no need to wait. A 1000 lbs total is quite high for your age, and for an adult male under not uncommon as a first total: 400/200/400 is something quite a few regular guys would be delighted to have.

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don’t listen to Paules. That’s dumb advice. Go do a meet!


Do you have a point?

What are your numbers?

Just wondering. Your lifts are good but nothing special, yet you want to call a 17 year old who really just wanted to know where he stood ‘pathetic’. It’s like the least useful thing you could have done. ‘Pathetic’ isn’t stating a fact anyway. It’s an opinion. Boss.

Keep up the shitty attitude and the marginal lifting. I’m sure you’ll get somewhere with that.


I’m with @flipcollar on this one. Kid just wanted to know how he’s doing you were there at one time. Why comment if you wouldn’t even be positive if he was lifting awesome weight. To be fair I think your total isnt good. I’d smoke that with openers at a weight class under you.


Christ, alright! I apologize.

OP, sorry for previous reply. These may be useful:


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Just a question. . Do you have a 1000 total?

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Don’t compete in powerlifting to be better than somebody else, compete to be better than who you were yesterday.

Personally I think you should limit your competitions to stay healthier and keep building (especially since you are younger) but there is no reason I can see to wait for your first meet as long as form is locked in.


OP, definitely don’t sweat your numbers for your first meet. I did my first one last year and it doesn’t matter how strong you are, the people are the meets are really cool and really helpful, when they found out it was my first meet, they did everything to try to help me succeed, and I think you’re going to find that at most meets. Powerlifting is a lot of fun, and if it’s something you want to get into, don’t let arbitrary benchmarks stop you!

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Your numbers for a newbie/beginner aren’t bad especially for your age. Competing is a skill in and of itself and the more meet experience you have the better it will give you a better understanding of the rules, differences in equipment, etc. There’s no knowing what will happen out on the platform until you’ve competed before. Don’t get discouraged if your numbers aren’t good enough to place or medal. Also you can use it as an opportunity to do some networking especially if it’s a local meet. You could come in contact with some more experienced lifters and coaches. Definitely encourage you to try competing even at your level.

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But I’m not comparing him to myself, but rather what I’ve seen the young jocks at my gym are doing. I was really surprised at the lifts of some high school football players and wrestlers, but Iowa can be very competitive.

Wow 8 pounds over the benchmark. Have you signed up for a meet yet?