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hey new to posting here so bear with me. been in iraq for about 7 months only been lifting for about 2 years. i weigh around 160 and i have been focusing mostly on bench cause they have compitions all the time here. its about all there is to do during down time. well they just got some new dumbells in the gym and was wondering if anyone has any good dumbell chest routines i currently flat the 100s for either 4 sets of 6 or 8 if i feel spunky. my goal is the 150s before i leave here that only gives me like 5 months so i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i could get there. ohh if it helps i incline 85-90s and decline 95-100s for the same rep scheme as flat and my barbell flat bench is around 300-305ish depending if its a good day or not.just lookin for advice.thanks



welcome to the forum and many thanks to you and all the others over there for the job your doing.

From what you listed I say the best damn thing you can do to rasie that bench would be start working your back. Sounds like you have largely ignored about everything but you bench etc which will lead to major imbalance and actually hold back progress. Do a search there is a great articles here on that heres one.

Also your core etc will be huge heres one by Mike Robertson on that also check out all the stuff by Dave Tate etc.


Those should get you started, best of luck and thanks again,


thanks.however i do work back quite a bit as well. i will check out these links you sent. i am reading the big bad bench by dave tate right now but as soon as i get through i am gonna start on the ones you sent. the thing is i have a decent build for my size and i dont really want to be much larger i would just like to be alot stronger. i want to be that little guy that surprises everone. thanks for the input. i especially appreciate the quick response


Then lift HEAVY keep the volume low, intensity high and session short and often. also dont eat to gain wieght. work on technique speed etc, the Dave Tate article you mention will be a ton of help.

Best of luck,


thanks guys, i checked out that article and there are a few exercies i never even thought of and a few i was doin incorrectly i will impliment these in my routine and see where it takes me. again thanks for the input this is so far my favorite site for liftin info. what do you mean by dont eat to gain weight though?


ok did some more thinkin about the eatin thing ohh and sorry i didnt look to see who sent it. thanks phil. ok well what i take it as you mean dont alot of carbs is that right? i will give you what i usually eat since it really doesnt change cause not a lot of varieties over here.

breakfast-6 hard boiled egg whites
a steak probably about 4-6oz
some rice probably about a cup
2 v8 vegetable juices the cans 8oz
and 8oz fruit juice

lunch-stir fry (chicken) probbaly around 2.5 cups with about a cup of mixed veggies in with it

2nd lunch-1-2 wheat wraps with either chicken or tuna salad lettuce and pickles

supper- what ever surprise meats we are havin in the main line usually i try like 3 diff kinds of main courses or if i am in a hurry to go to bed a wrap or two

hope that will help cause i am curious as to what you meant.



No prob again

On the eating No I mean you dont want to get larger, that means you dont want to gain weight, so that means you simply dont want to eat enough to gain be it carbs protein or fats and any combination. Eat enough of any of them and workout hard and you will get larger/gain weight.

You need top eat like an athelete in a weight class. find your maint cals and from there dont eat much more than that, just eat for performace meaning QUALITY food man.

Diet you listed in general. That aint to damn shabby seeing as your stuck in the sand dunes etc. If you can try and get some healthy fats in your getting some nice sats from the eggs and meats try and get in some MUFA's and PUFA's nuts olive oil fish oil.

Best pof luck and fire away anything else. Glad Ive helped so far,


thanks again