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New to Olympic Lifting/Program help

I’m switching over from Powerlifting to Olympic Lifting, looking to do a competition in the new year. I’ve incorporated the lifts into my training on and off for the last few months, mostly just the power versions and jerks.

While nothing spectacular, I’ve managed a 90kg power snatch and a 130kg power clean at about 80kg bw.
I still plan on competing in some powerlifting competitions from time to time, raw, so I don’t want to drop the bench press or deadlift completely. Flexibility isn’t a problem as I used to be a wrestler and have maintained a good deal of flexibility.

I have spent some time reading on different training modalities but I’m still having troubles putting together something to start off of. Even though the squat isn’t my weak link, I’d still like to push it to an extent. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

79kg (plan to compete at 77)
Snatch (power) 90kg
Clean (power) 130kg
Jerk (most I’ve attempted) 120kg
Squat (high bar beltless) 200kg
Front Squat 150kgx3
Deadlift (conventional and beltless) 280kg

Looks like you have the raw strength and power to be successful. What I recommend is finding a coach in your area to help you with the technique and skill. Who knows what your numbers will be once you learn the lift, for 80kg your very strong, but again with some technique work, skys the limit. You can go to http://www.canadianweightlifting.ca for some info, I am not from Canada so I am not sure where you would have to go to get a coach, but perhaps write an email.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Thanks, I enjoy it. I did 2ish years of Powerlifting, and the gear always kind of bothered me, but towards the last 3-4 months I couldn’t stand it.
I live in Alberta now and there are actually a few coaches I’ve been in contact with that train close by. A professor at the university actually holds a few provincal and national records in weightlifting and he offered to help me out, although he doesn’t have the time to devote to full on training me, he’ll be there more so to offer suggestions and technique advice on occassion

I would start with the professor if money is an issue. Not sure how much the coaches charge. You might be able to get some great advice from the professor. But good, I would say you are well on your way to being proficient in OL.

Proper strong! Let us know how you get on!


Thanks Koing, I was hoping you’d chime in with some programming suggestions.
Right now I’m following this set up http://www.qwa.org/programs/tint13.asp but not using %'s for the classical lifts, as I really don’t have any maxes to go off of. I’m doing a lot of doubles and triples for the most part, increasing as need be, but taking it slow.
I’m using %'s for my squats, pulls, and bench presses, thats about it.
Is this maybe a little too advanced for what I should be doing?