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New to Oly Lifting


Hello All,

A little background:

Age 22
Weight: 185lbs
Been training the oly lifts for bout 3 months now,
Best snatch: 60kg :frowning:
Best Clean and Jerk: 92kg :frowning:
Best Deadlift: 205kg
Best Back Squat: 184kg
Best Front Squat: 140kg

I will post videos of my lifts once I can smuggle a camera into the gym at school (U Toronto seem to be very uptight if your not a Physed Student, while I'm studying Mech Engineering)

I shall defineately be asking quite a bit of questions so bear with me :slightly_smiling:



Well, with those d/lift, back and front squat numbers it'll take no time for you to be doing at least 90/120 and probably not much longer to do 100/130.

Ask away!


You are strong. Keep on practicing technique and your lifts will fucking explode man. Seriously.


Technique is the tricky part... and with no coach (atleast the ones at school do not know what they are doing, I cringe whenever I see them with the teams just feel someone will get hurt)

Most of my learnings I am doing off youtube, sadly, but there are some lifters I will be going to them for some advice.

Aswell as soon as I can tape my lifts I'll post for evaluation



Videos would definitely help, we can all help you out with the basics. You can only get so far with technique without a coach. A coach can constantly remind you of what you did wrong during a set, and can give you cues that really help with timing. If you are serious about Olympic lifting it would be best to find one. If not, just keep working on technique and post videos here, we can help you out.


Don't under estimate how long it takes to learn the lifts. To do 90/120 will take some time mate, it's no joke and with no coach it's an up hill struggle.

The jump between Snatching 90 and 100 is huge.

Get as much coaching as you can and post lots of videos that will be the best you can do without a coach. You are plenty strong for a lot more if you work on your technique. The 60/93 with your strength levels tell me you will get a more when your technique is better. Your front squat is down by at least 12-15kg on the minimum compared to your back squat also. This would indicate a lack of front squating experience relative to your back squat, once you get more use to it it'll really increase. Or it could be a form issue.

If he puts on 20kg on to each lift in both lifts in a 12month period he would have done very well imo. Try and source a coach/ club from somewhere, otherwise the chance of nailing 20kg on to each lift is a lot less/ near on impossible. But it depends on how you take to coaching by people posting comments on your videos and if you can see it do it.



Maybe someone can answer this for me...

I usually lift in my indoor soccer shoes, but recently (yesterday) I recieved a pair of lifting shoes (a pair of VS athletics) and I am finding it weird doing my lifts, I just figure it will take some time to get used to them. That common?



i've pretty much been training on my own for almost a year and i've gone from just under 80kgs 111kg in the 85kg class to about 103kgs & 115kg in the 77kg class( i know, my C&J is dismal, but i'm working on it). u have plenty of strenght just get the form down and doing it on ur own in possible(i've done pretty well) but i would recommend going to as many meets as possible since there r always ppl there that give u help with form


it just takes time getting use to lifting from a different height.


Check this out:


Point A is the UofT Mech & Industrial Engineering Main Building
Point B is a weightlifting gym that is a registered member of the Ontario Weightlifting Association (from here: http://www.ontarioweightlifting.ca/clients.htm)

If you want to compete in Canada you generally have to be a member of a registered club (such as the one I pointed you to). The club I pointed you to is probably pretty expensive but you could probably find out when they have other lifters coming in and go once a week to learn from them. The rest of the week train at the university gym.


Those are nice numbers!
Keep training hard!


Also a newbie, so I thought I'd not clutter up the boards and post here.
Right now, snatch and c+j are terrible, sitting at 60 and 80 :frowning:
Hopefully that should be about 70 + 100 by the end of the year.
Anyway im out, but i'll be asking a lot of questions aswell...


Welcome insomnia!

How long have you been training?



Oooft, about 4 months at a stretch, with a nice 5 weeks off in the summer. I've fooled around a bit in the gym since last October, but i wouldn't really call it training.
Got my first comp in November, after a whole six months of training. I'd still call what I do just fooling around until I get a bit stronger.
What comp is that in your DP?