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New to Nutrition Side and Need Help!

Hello, I’ve been lifting recently and have been wondering about changing my diet. I have gained 20 lbs and I am currently at 180 I haven’t gained much fat if anything I believe I have lost fat and gained muscle. I really haven’t had a diet plan just eat a lot and mostly healthier foods. I want to take my dieting to the next level.

I read through research that to gain muscle mass I need to intake 1.5 grams of protein per lb and 2-3 carbs per lb and 20 calories per lb. If I took my total macros being 4 grams per carb and protein and counted my fat total 9 grams. Would I have to worry about my calorie intake aslong as I met those needs? And I was wanting to try out the warrior diet. So I would basically need to intake 270 grams of protein, 360 carbs and 3600 calories.

If I counted my macros for fats and carbs and protein do you think it would be possible to reach this many carbs and proteins on the warrior diet. The big thing with that is not really eating a big meal to dinner. I was wondering what your guys thoughts were.

Choose the plan you believe in and then give it a few months before you give the final verdict.