New to Nagging Injuries

Ill make this short, i was doing really good up until i beleive the first week of march. I was lifting 3 days a week doing the starr 5x5 making gains every week plus playing basketball ball twice a week while doing a slight bulk trying to get from 165lbs to 175lbs.

Well early march i rolled my ankle really bad in my last b-ball game, this put me on crutches for a week and left me with no lower body work for about 3 weeks. When i started squating and DL again i noticed my normally tight hip flexores where so tight that it was really painfull to squat. So i took it easy squated light and made sure to stretch and foam role every day, did this for about 2 weeks then started uping the weight again. Then just when i was getting back to where i was back in feb i injured my hamstring running up at my local football field.

Now this is driving me crazy im 25 and before this year i never got injured i played football, basketball and ran track in highschool and have been active ever sense. Both the ankle and hamstring where on my right leg.

Anyone have any suggestions, im wondering if the tighness that still remains in my ankle is causing compound problems.

I dont want to have to spend the $ to go see a PT but its looking like ill have to go back if this doesnt get better soon

shot in the dark here but: your right leg might be stronger than your left and be overcompensating.

You can try some single leg stuff for awhile and see if that helps.