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New to MMA, Help Strength Training


i want to go on a strength training workout but i dont know how to mix it in with grappling and striking. i have striking on mondays and bjj on thursdays. can someone help me organize a schedule so i can fit everything in and not do anything wrong with training?


I would say that this has most likely maybe possibly been discussed before... use the search function...


mon: striking

thur: bjj

Any other day of the week: strenth training

This doesnt seem like rocket science.


Just don't hit your legs too hard the day before striking or bjj...tired legs won't hit too hard. The upper body recovers far quicker...lots of sprints, deadlifts and stretching. Martin Rooney had a good article on here recently talking about it.


Hell man I wouldn't hit my legs more than once a week. You do some max effort shit and your legs are banged up for days afterward... good luck dancin in the ring when your legs are full of lead.


Pretty much that ^

I'd say leave your heavy legwork till after you've gotten striking work done for the week.


alot of the top guys r getting into Oly lifts. Learn how to move big weight explosive and fast.

I wouldnt recomend maxing squats night before a fight, but i dont see any problem training legs before striking or any other MA training for that matter. Guys from my camp, myself included do it all the time. In a perfect world without time constraints and other responsibility you could schedule your MMA training accordingly. But for most of us not paid by the UFC to fight, this isnt the luxury.

The more u beat yourself down, the stronger you build yourself back up.


Also. Your kicking power comes from your hips. Atleast in muay thai. Not sure what "striking" you are refering to. Moral of the story. Neglecting your legs would be a bad idea. The soreness subsides with time. If you really think it will be an issue, make sure to stretch really good after your lift. Epsom salt bathes and tiger balm are really good for sore legs.


Dude, if you can do that, good for you. I think you're in the minority though. My legs are sore for quite a while, and that really, really limits my mobility. Striking work before legwork.

And Olympic lifts... I don't know. Why spend all the time learning technique on those lifts when you should be learning technique to fight?

Waste of time.


Minority...not really. But yes, i get sore just like everyone else. Of course that limits mobility and slows u down (a little). so do 16 oz gloves compared to 12 0z. Theres a reason why u train with heavy gloves...so when the light ones are on, you can punch faster. So to train with sore legs...cuz u will be that much better when they arent hurting.

Question...just how sore do your legs get, that u can only train them once a week and cant show up to karate?

Basic oly lifts dont take that much time to learn. Unless u think having stronger, faster muscles are a "waste of time."

Promoting this "no sacrifices need to be made" attitude toward MMA training is going to steer newer guys in the wrong direction and possibly get them hurt.

If your not willing to work through the pain...your the one wasting your time.


That doesn't make sense. At all. You're not improving your form or your endurance by training with beat up legs.

Karate? What the fuck are you talking about? I do two upper and two lower body sessions per week, and box on probably three others. You have comprehension problems or you just like presupposing things?

I am not sure that the same benefits couldn't be garnered by simply squatting and deadlifting and what not. But I don't know.

Go fuck yourself. You know nothing about me or the way I train or the reasons I train for. I have NEVER made any reference to "no sacrifices need be made" nor have I ever said anything of the sort. I'm in the gym five or six days a week, don't tell me about sacrifice.

And if you're going to post, try dumping the text message typing for real English, you know... like an adult would.


Im very suprised u have time to be a 12000+ poster and spend everyday in the gym. How do u fit in time to sleep and take shits? For a guy so dedicated to his craft, u sound absolutley clueless.

Not wasting my time arguing with a bafoon who "talks the talk" but cant muster up the guts to train an entire day after hitting legs. Let alone, giving out advice like learning Oly lifts are a waste of time for crosstraining MMA

You sound like a pussy bro and your attitude would get lauged at anywhere outside of hitting the heavy bag in your basement.


Listen closely dipshit- what I mean is if I was competitive, I would not spend more than a day training my legs. The rest would be spent on skillwork, and frequent heavy lifting can ABSOLUTELY impact your skillwork, which is way more important. And I said that the time spent learning Olympic lifts, which are very precise, might be better spent on actually fighting. How foolish I am.

And it's kind of funny that you misspelled "buffoon."

I hope the fight game treats you well, cause otherwise I don't think you're going to go much further than being a post hole digger.


no no no...what you said was "i cant train if my muscles are sore....because it makes my vag hurt." That is straight weak sauce dude.

I never gave advice to "lift" frequently and ignore other important aspects of MMA.

The fact that you contradict your self, shows how much you must question your own integrity. why are u even on here giving out useless information?

Im happy with my bad grammer over your idiotic reasoning and terrible advice. U must have thought post hole digger as an insult, being that the thought of a blister resulting from manual labor would mean u actually had to work for somthing.

I got a post for ya bro. Maybe we can try digging some of the sand out of your fat, un-informed cunt hole with it.


Terrible advice! haha. Jesus.

Whatever man. I have a different opinion on training then you. But hey, same as I've always said... I'm sure one day I'll see Floyd Mayweather doing snatches and complexes and all of the other crap that people in the fight game latch onto for these brief periods looking for an advantage. Then maybe I'll think about taking that advice over some crybaby moron on an internet site.

This dude asked about training schedule. I said leg days slow me down considerably when it comes to striking. There's no questioning of anything there- I know what I said and what I meant when I said it.

Now if you want to keep bitching "bro" I suggest you find another baffouoon to do it to.


thanks for all the positive input. as for the negative...thanks ? lol. i just wanted some other opinions that's all. no need to get weird about it. thanks to everyone who contributed though.


Like I said dude, there's a million threads on this, there's lots of stuff you can find. I suggest you look at the MMA training hub, that was a good thread that lasted along time and had a lot of different people posting on it.


Earth to Irish Mayweather. OP was asking about MMA, not boxing. Wrong sport BRO. Ur just all fucked up huh??? :slightly_smiling:

Thank you for the laugh tonight. You are by far the most sensitive person I've come across on these boards.


Striking is striking. And maybe if MMA guys spent more time workin' it and less time learning to do the clean and jerk they wouldn't suck so badly at it.


Boxing is not muay thai is not tae kwon do.

More clean and jerk.

While alot of pro level jitz/wrestlers in UFC, SF, Bellator etc. are terrible strikers and formulate game around take-downs, lay/pray and G&P. You cant deny there are some brilliant MMA strikers in the game right now.