New to MAG-10

I just ordered MAG-10 a week ago and I am about to start a cycle for the first time. Does anyone have any good first-hand accounts of what worked for them and what didn’t?

Ok a few things:

  • Read Massive Eating Reloaded I,II by John Berardi. That should give you the info of how and how much you should eat in order to take full advantage of MAG-10.

  • If you get a chance, read JB’s Solving the Postworkout Puzzle.

You can choose any training program with MAG-10 but I’ve only used “The Growth Surge Project”. It worked well but would’ve worked better if I ate a LOT more.

Basically, train hard, eat a lot and get enough rest.

Hope this helps.

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Eat a ton of carbs and as little fat as possible…

You really can’t eat too much…

Drop a serving of Surge before/during training, and another immediately after…

Sleep as much as you can, and take a nap during the day if at all possible…

Train like a demon…

Best of luck to you!

After my first week on Mag-10, actually only 5 days, my bench has gone up 15 pounds and today I got such a pump my mom asked me if I was on steroids.
I love this stuff!